Lag Loading Battles causing issues



Is anyone else having issues with your dragon not loading at the start of a battle? You can see the towers shooting but, you cannot defend or attack even though your dragon is taking on damage?

I reported this as a bug, pointing out that this issue only started after the last update. As per SOP, I was immediately told to reboot my IPAD and turn OFF ALL THE GRAPHICS. (I have less than the recommended graphics activated already). @PGJared @pgCampusLifer


I get that lag sometimes, it usually rectifies itself pretty quick…or my app crashes, sigh. Worst one I get is everything appearing to run perfectly smooth, except the towers never load; can’t attack them, so just sit back and enjoy watching invisible towers kill the drag :expressionless:.


I have this issue with every defense… Everytime I join a team mates battle… I’m battling through the bugs. Ugh


I still have the lag when trying to play. The crashing is a lot worse now since this new update. The lag is really bad when I back a teammate up. I’ve played for over a year now and these last few months have been hell. I’ve stopped playing as much as I used to because of the lag on my dragons…I really wish we could bring our android accounts over to iOS.


It’s not from being on Android. It’s that your Android doesn’t work well with the game. If you need it fixed, get a better, updated, Android and connection and you’ll be good to go.


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