Lagging servers

I have had so many issues when joining attacks where it’s saying attacker has slow connection. I get that in reverse when someone joins my run. I also lost XP boosts because run just drops. Now… this happens on different connection, not just my WiFi. I have tried 4g mobile data which is fast with same results. Mind you this is is not every day, this has now been for two days. So I be,ie e this could be game server causing it. Thoughts?

Does anyone else have same issue?

yes. ongoing issues

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Been really bad for me the last two days.

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Lot of connection drops for me as well :frowning:

It’s not necessarily servers. We all play with geographically diverse people, and connections between some places on the planet are not as ideal as others.

There are other reasons, but when you join a match, I’m pretty confident most of the connectivity is between players, with the attacker being the person everyone needs to connect to.

I’m fairly sure these are just server capacity issues at PG. I get slow connection warnings and the occasional disconnect even when attacking a base with no other attackers or defenders, and I somehow doubt my fiber-optic is suddenly acting up that significantly for War Dragons only.

there’s no internet connection needed when you do a solo run.
Internet connection will only activate when there are 2 or more players on that battle.

After the battle ends, that is when the game will connect to the internet.

Pretty sure it is not players. I am playing with my partner sitting next to
me and we only have this issue every few days or so. I really can say it
would be servers, they do need reboot every now and then and they may not
have been as often as they should be.

During a battle most of it has got to be peer-to-peer. Communicating with the database is only before and after likely. Maybe some during.

I don’t think PG has middle tier servers.

If you are in game and click on something and it’s slow to get results that’s probably pg DB server load (of which I believe they use AWS for their servers)

So it depends on when you are having issues. During a battle I’d bet money it’s connection between you and all the defenders and attackers. Even if you are sitting next to someone, you all have to stay n sync. When on person is having issues everyone has to wait for them.

We can ask pg for clarification, but there is a lot of evidence of this in how the game works. Half of the cheating that is done would not be possible with dedicated servers.

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Thanks for the details I just assumed centralised servers were involved because it would be way too easy to hack the game otherwise, but I guess I was too optimistic.

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