Lags with Poco F2 Pro

Sorry for my ugly english. I have a New Poco F2 Pro and i wonder about glitches in Attack. I thought the Snapdragon 865 is the best Android processor and i could Run everything in highest details smooth? My Girlfriend has an Iphone 8 Plus an everything works great. IPad Pro also. My Iphone XS has also marginal glitches :frowning: . If i buy an Galaxy 20 FE. Could it be Better?

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Samsung/android devices don’t tend to do as well with WD

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To elaborate on Ru’s statement, that’s because the game was originally made for iOS

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I have an S9 plus, my device freezer on selecting dragons and get hot. Can’t access to battle

WD’s performance on a galaxy/samsung isn’t the best. When I had WD on a samsung, it was horrible. The game would crash constantly, and bug out during PVP events.
Switching to apple is better, if you can do that.

I use a galaxy S10+ and I have no problem playing and love it. But I have had a little problem out of the cheeper android phones.

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