Lame event prizes

This event is the last straw. The event gifts are lame, not enough siegels are sent because they want your money. Maybe if enough people respond to this something will be done. My team has won and you think you get something great. A paltry amount of siegels, and some defense stuff is what I got. Who else thinks the gifts are lame. Make your voice heard

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You sound whiny.


The event prizes this fortification has are really good. Tell me you don’t want rage glyphs? Sigils are the same as normal events not any less…fort is the easiest event for me to do well in. Final Event Prizes are determined by league…go up a league and stop whining.

Also, this game is not free to play lol


:eyes::eyes::eyes::eyes: up

Now, the team achievement prizes are new, and already much better than they used to be.

yet i am still waiting for those Ochre stones - just saying

There are individual prizes, team prizes, event prizes, even there were red envelopes and readjusted rainbow chest… so what do you want?!

Speak up, son, introduce an idea, some spark, because now you are nothing more than a whining … little … dragon princess


The only thing I can say is that the rage glyphs are awesome so don’t complain.


So more rewards than we have had in a while with team rewards, plus it’s super sigil week after red letters, added to that decent runes. And it’s fortification, the easiest event to score highly.

Where is the problem??

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Yeah. I’m gonna go ahead and say no. These are far from the suckiest prizes ever to be dispensed.

What exactly do you think we’re missing?

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Someone doesn’t like rage, wisdom and cloak glyphs!? :rofl:


Someone must not like hunters lol

There are 3 types of glyphs??

Personal, team quest and team event reward

Dang. I am doing bad in events. Don’t even know the prizes :joy:

Cloak??? Where?
I need it…

didn’t read the post after. It’s just common cloak for 1st in my league anyway…

You call this bad :rofl::rofl::rofl:


That’s not an event prize

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Woo, that is one hell of a drop.

Lol who cares :joy::joy: it’s part of the event

Not at all!
I want something like that :hugs:

How many sigils were you expecting :thinking: