Land Shuffle Release - Official Discussion Thread

Update: Alright, we are moving here: Limited Time Land Shuffle Plan - Official Q&A Thread

Edit: 11/7/2020 - 4:39pm PST:

Hey everyone, just wanted to give a brief mini-update.

Thank you for your feedback and survey submissions. We received tens of thousands of surveys and based on that data, forum feedback, and Player Faction feedback, and other behavioral data we will be working on a plan for the upcoming Limited Time Shuffle.

Here’s what I have so far for you:

We will not be dropping shields until Friday 9am PST. They will remain dropped for play on the shuffled map until Sunday 9pm PST. We are shortening the Limited Time run of this new map to those days and times.

We are still hammering out the details of what gameplay will look like during the Shuffle, and we will open up a new thread on Monday to announce those changes and answer questions. Whatever that gameplay looks like will happen between Friday, 9am PST and Sunday 9pm PST.

Alright all, let’s bring the convo over here to discuss the Land Shuffle which is going live today.

Please read the Announcement thread for more info: [Atlas] Land Shuffle Release and Collection of Past Information

How are we feeling about the info and upcoming shuffle?

  • Glad we’re trying something new! (Positive)
  • I’m not sure this really affects me (Neutral)
  • Negatively. (Negative)

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ALso: Atlas Elite members will be credited with 3 hours of Atlas Elite to accommodate the downtime.


I dunno how I feel :man_shrugging:t2:


Are there any actual changes to the way atlas functions or the way any of the parts of atlas functions? As in, is there anything about atlas that changed that we won’t see just by looking at the new map? Hope that makes sense. Lol

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I’m not sure we’ll have time to get questions answered today as we have all hands on deck making sure everything is functioning correctly. I will ask, though!

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Hokay. So.

Trial Shuffle

Good idea. Especially considering the chaos this is expected to cause. Not talking to us about any of it in advance, or considering player input, less good. While it’s good that PG is testing things, it’s more than a little questionable whether they’re actually willing to take into account any negative feedback, especially given their unwillingness to do so at any point over the past few months.

Castle and 5TA clustering

Still an unbelievably dumb idea that has been beaten to death in thread after thread. It boggles the mind that this is still being implemented. But no surprise there. It’s been made clear time and again that no one is listening to the rationale here. After all, PGEggToken came right out with “This isn’t a democracy, and we don’t have to listen to players.”

"Help support a future where Land Shuffle becomes a regular occurence in Atlas."

Horrible, horrible, bad, horrible, bad, stupid, did I mention horrible? Even without going into the issues with clustering that have been mentioned across literally every thread prior to this one, the allure of Atlas is that it’s an entire world, with everything that goes into that. This greatly reduces the strategic complexity of Atlas, where castle depth and position are reset randomly and pointlessly.

It says a lot that only two groups seem to be in favor of it all:

  • PG, because they don’t actually understand the gameplay in any significant capacity
  • A small handful of high-ranking teams, who have accumulated enough power as to have nothing to worry about

…oh, I forgot a third group. Pirates, who will have an absolute field day with all these nice, exposed castles, and no risk of retaliation.

I’m not saying it’s a disaster yet, but it kiiiiiinda looks like you’re openly announcing your intention to follow the road signs marked “disaster,” while simultaneously ignoring all the folks saying “Ummm, maybe don’t go that way?”


So we can assume atlas will be down for 3hrs?

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My gut says that the 4:1:1 is going to be an issue, not because of the access numbers but couple that with the interior castles that are bordering enemies and might as well be entries… but the map will reveal all and then we will have a basis to start the conversation yet again.

They’ve taken negative feedback into account several times :thinking: Atlas season extension (eventually), mega perches, Trading post to name a few


We’ve been talking and getting feedback from GPF/Early Birds for months, so we have in fact taken experienced player feedback into account. As Fiery pointed out, we’ve taken player feedback many, many, many times since I’ve been here and utilized it. I really need to just have a list of ideas that came from the playerbase that we’ve implemented… this comment comes up so often.

Do we implement every player idea? No. Do we implement most player ideas? No. We do implement the ideas that make the most sense to us as game developers, if we can. Sometimes players have great ideas that we simply cannot implement – this is a bummer for all of us.

I’m not sure what the context is for EggToken’s “quote” but if that’s what he said and that’s what he meant, that was not an appropriate thing to say, nor do we operate under the assumption that player feedback doesn’t matter. After all, my job exists to accommodate player feedback.

Literally every thread prior to this one is based on pure speculation. You really have no idea what this will do to strategic complexity, nor do you know that everyone wants the same sort of strategic complexity that you do. I imagine the only thing we can say is that it will change which strategies are effective in Atlas.

We’re trying new things so the game is more exciting, so that we get some change in an otherwise static world - we hope it works, if it doesn’t – we will try something else. Expecting the game to remain static would be a mistake as long as there are people working on it actively – which we are.

And again - everything that someone doesn’t agree with gets the catastrophic “game ending, money grabbing, dumb idiots at PG” prognosis, so it’s very very very hard to gauge what is and is not actually important. With that being said: I’d just caution against the “quadruple horrible disaster” language - it is not helping you make your point, I promise.

I’m not saying this to call Aeana out specifically, I see this all the time - and it makes it harder for me to know what’s actually important. I’d just encourage a little more prudence when it comes to feedback. For everyone.


:rofl: I see what you did there; lumping together how we feel about the info (check the last shuffle post to see how many feel about the info provided, or lack thereof and the timing for it) and how we feel about the shuffle itself which yes I think we are wanting to see something different as long as it works.

There lies a small set back. While pg tries different things to see what works, players lose actual rss; some significantly more than others. Yall got held up by the term trial vs experiment but both still indicate a test; the later being under controlled conditions. Both still mean you’re testing something on the live player base and rss will be wasted if this doesn’t work.
I mean any experiment is given the a okay as long as it doesn’t harm more than it does help. Pg doesnt know if thats the case and they’re going along with it with permanent changes after the unshuffle.
np its a game and not the end of the world, but yes there’s been a lack of good communication in terms of changes (pointed that out before) despite your great efforts Galileo (ty :rose:).


Yep. While personally I dont have an issue with pirate teams existing since they’ve chosen not to deal with the politics bs and suck up to a mega alliance, I do find it interesting that we’re seeing such a major change that primarily benefits pirates.
Two of the things PG has repeatedly said they never intended to have and that are real problems are pirates and the massive control of mega alliances. Yet this shuffle promotes both. In fact I can really see many of the smaller teams getting burnt out by constant pirate sniping eating through their troops and just saying screw it, giving the few castles they have to friends and going pirate as well. Especially as leaders and officers get burnt out.
Meanwhile all those new plat teams they just added will see that the pirate life is the better life for them and their low supply of troops


I agree with a lot of this. I wish we had a way to test these things better before hitting the playerbase with them. I know the team wishes this was the case, too. We work in the games industry because we love games! We want you to enjoy all of our hard work, too. I promise that we all want a better situation for testing and experimentation. But we need to try something, and we’re doing the best with what we have available to us! I am working on making sure we have better communication in the future, that really is the crux of my job. Thanks for the feedback (and the rose!).


Imagine an Atlas full of pirates.


Best catch-up mechanic ever lol :rofl:



tbf, I’m on a pirate team and I’m not even sure what that means :joy:


The bottom gif sums it up pretty well, take what you want and give nothing back (aka hit who you want and worry not about being hit back because they cant come find you)


Lol all these teams on all safe castles not use to pirates. Now pirates are an issue :rofl::rofl::rofl: where were y’all for the last year?


Pirates have always been an issue since they added large amounts of players to atlas. They became especially bad though once they swapped the troop recovery rates to favor attackers. People have been complaining about pirates for years