Land Shuffle Release - Official Discussion Thread

I don’t think that is what most people are frustrated with judging by the comments on this thread although I do realize that some people are very much against the shape. We did concede in our meetings that we were surprised people cared that much about the shapes and colors. I suspect we will be changing that for the next version.


Frankly, it’s things like this that make us so concerned.

If I asked a single one of my Line groups, I’d get a dozen maps that would address the issues with Atlas castle depth, in less than a week. As well as some follow-up suggestions for how to complement those maps with techniques to facilitate access and engagement. Let alone if you contacted the entire playerbase, and told them that you’d actually be USING those maps, and gave them the information and requirements PG was working off of, and the many months in which to produce them.

And here’s the thing: I’d be willing to be a sizable sum of money that not a single player would have produced a map that looks like the one PG produced.

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I edited it as you were commenting … you’re right, its not the major one. but it is a big issue for people and I think if we would have at least seen the concept of hexes, a vast majority would have grumbled strongly about it.


I think you’re right.


I understand why hex’s is the ideal shape to be honest, I just sort of hate that the map also forms into a big giant hex, it bugs me immensely even though it might not be the biggest issue at hand.


@DossaX This was actually addressed by Ramen a couple days ago before the launch:


The map design very clearly shows that regardless of placement that there are areas clearly more and clearly less favorable. I for one expected equality in design and placement which would allow for results to be determined by team play and not by what situation a team found themselves in. Isn’t that what we all want, for team play to determine success and not luck or randomness?


:eyes: It’s cause we’re players too :upside_down_face:


Despite all the negative here. I feel this has all over shadowed the fact that…

THEY SUCCESSFULLY rolled this out without breaking the game like I know every single darn one of us thought they would.

So kudos on that… at least :grimacing::partying_face:


Why has nobody ever told me this?! I feel betrayed!


:rofl: Well, spoiler: GPF is made up of players who spend lots of time playing the game :hugs:


Do you want the people in this thread to tear you apart, Red?




Won’t phase me one bit :woman_shrugging:t2::rofl: I’ve worked with juvenile delinquent teens the last 5 years.


While changes definitely needed to be made to a stagnant Atlas, the changes made were not what many were really expecting.
Yes the access castle has already been beaten like a dead horse on this thread but also the visuals on the new map style. I am sure PG Galileo has passed all the information here to the Atlas team.
Now here is where my suggestions will vary from others and some will hate it and while others will applaud it.
First PG wants more activity in Atlas …Great lets think of how to do that:

  1. Separate the leagues on the map. D1/2 S1 on one map, S2/3 P1 on another, P2/3/4 on another. Get rid of Gold and lower leagues altogether. This promotes a more inclusive environment and prevents huge teams from hitting much smaller teams. Make rewards much more valuable in the Bigger league maps!!! Next on very first map after separation, make it a land grab. On D1/2 S1 map, make all castles 4/5. On S2/3/P1 map all level 3/4 castles and on P2/3/4 make those castles max 2/3 this limits sandbagging a bit doing this but will address sandbagging in a few.

If that way doesn’t work how about by Atlas Power Rank: Top 500 on a map and 501 -5000 on a separate map.

  1. Want to stop Piracy: Give each and every team 1 unconquerable castle, BUT make it subject to getting hit for troop loss as well as glory. Give same shields and cooldowns as a level 2.

  2. Sandbagging: Used to be you would never see a level 400-500 on a plat 4 team… Well it is very common place now to see that especially with how easy it is to level compared to reaching that next dragon tier. Many of those larger level players in the lower leagues cant play in upper leagues mostly because of Dragon tier they are flying coupled with a lack of skill of flying dragons. They are there knowing they are getting less daily rewards and so forth.

  3. You ask about League change and so forth. Lock leagues season to season.

  4. Limit the number of possible castles one team can own to 15.

  5. Limit access to 33% or 1/3 of the castles held . Max access any team could have is 5.

  6. Keep the premise that all safe zones are non access to owned. make access through NML castles only. Next, if you feel you need to link Safe zones to castles, then link them to the unconquerable team capital castle.

  7. By having to have a castle grab at start of each season corresponding with league change this promotes fighting and warring in the beginning of each season.

All of this is suggestion on how to maybe engage the player base more in Atlas while not “taking away” anything.
I DON’T have any answers or mechanics of how to implement this. I am just a simple player who does love this game including Atlas and want to make sure that we have more suggestions than complaints.

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…and here I always assumed that the Globalized Plantain Foundation was just the lobbying arm of Banana Republic :stuck_out_tongue:


You understand that not having it ready until it is ready to go live should be a big red flag, right? You really want to not be finishing it up as you are pushing it to the production server.


We rely on our PMs and engineers to do what they think is best.

Clearly they are not making sound decisions. Surely you don’t think that development of something as huge as this should continue up to the moment of implementation?

The way you state that it sounds like they knew they had a deadline, they worked up until that deadline and then whatever point in development it was in, they pushed it live. Had they had another hour, day, week, month, some amount of time to say we’ll launch it when it’s complete, not by some arbitrary release date, that maybe the severely unequally and unfair distribution of access points might not have happened.

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Please dont take me offencive but… Feels like even a silver league player could think of a better shuffle than this

So when I look at this new map, I can’t stop me from laughing :sweat_smile: Please don’t think I’m teasing you. I am aware that you are trying to reach our voice as much as you can :pray::pray::pray:

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