Land Shuffle Release - Official Discussion Thread

I noticed a couple minor mistakes I think in the original announcement thread. It says this lasts for 1 week but yet up at the top the date range clearly indicates two. If you guys were talking about the part after PvP shield drops, might want to fix that and make it more clear.

Bummer if that’s truly the case.

Can I sign up for the “Fly on the wall” spot?


Thanks, it was always supposed to last two weeks - I will check on the error.

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Ya know the idea in my eyes was decent. But the execution was terrible imo. I thought the maximum depth was only supposed to be 2bd and yet I’m finding 3 and 4 bd castles. On top of that there are teams that I know had mostly access that still have mostly access. Which is fine if I wasn’t finding teams that I know had mostly access that now have all safe castles. In my eyes things should have been done with an even playing field no team should have gone from all’s access to all safe and no team should have kept all access. Make it an even spread give everyone some access and some safes and I also don’t really like the clustering of the castles having multiple castles all over the map help keep it a more mapwide game rather than focusing on one spot.


To clarify something;

When Pg was asked about the 4:1:1 ratio they said it will be random (a few days ago) as well as the placement of teams but also PG said in regards to the ratio;

where is the fairness?? can we just get a reasoning of why;

  1. No actual nml to sz to safe castle ratio was implemented across the board for everyone?
  2. Many castles are still 4+ bubbles deep?
  3. Teams starting off on very unequal footing as many have already pointed out?

Shuffle meant to remove stagnancy correct, but this actively puts some teams under a lot of pressure while others under less pressure. You’re saying you’ll review hours of burden for leaders and officers; Looking at this map as it is, I’ll tell you now, it’ll be excessive for the next week.

Problem; unfair access number of castles for many teams, castles still 3+ bubbles deep, unfair distribution of access castles comparing teams.

Effect: Hours of burden will be extremely high. Castle losses will be permanent after unshuffle when teams were started off with the new positions unfairly (whether its through number of access castles or that number in comparison to enemy access castles). Troop losses will be significant for certain teams who were started off unfairly vs other teams.


  1. Give 100% revive rate for defenses
  2. reshuffle it so that depth of castles are equal across all teams.
  3. Actually implement a constant nml to safe castle ratio for all teams.

PG has made a lot of mistakes. A lot. So when PG makes ANOTHER mistake, and it’s quite a big one, everyone’s going to vent their frustrations.


Ok so as expected no one is happy. I personally love this. Let’s try to look at the ups and downs here a bit.

1 - the old map allowed teams to hide behind other teams. This resulted in the need for either mega alliance involvement or big teams hitting way down. The new map allows you to hit everyone equally. Frankly whether one or 20 of your castles are gates, they are all easily attackable. This IMO promotes better and more fair gameplay.

  1. This new map will also discourage sale and trade of castles, which means actually fighting for castles again for most teams to grow. I feel for a war game this is better for all. The downside is certain placements are better than others. So ya.

  2. Those who are not use to gate castles and now all of a sudden worried about pirates. I will tell you what I’ve been told for the last year I have been playing this game. Suck it up or don’t own castles. (Believe me I hate myself for saying this but a lot of you, and you know who you are, deserve this karma)

  3. Visually this map is too tight and feels like it’s patched together. Spread out the regions a bit more please. Feels like I’m a giant looking down on tiny village of little people.

  4. I actually love the clustering of 5ta. Without fighting yet, I know it’ll be nice not to have to run around the map anymore.

Overall I give the new map two thumbs way up. For most of us, this does little to effect our actual day to day atlas activity. I see more positives then negatives here.

Let’s have a fun 2 weeks :beers:


Dear PG,
I have to say, this reshuffle as-is is going to make a lot of people quit the game.

This so-called Random location, is favoring some teams more than others. There are some huge areas where basically some 5ta are well clustered and with castles still 4-5 bubbles deep (no need to mention which teams, right?!!you know who i’m talking about!) … other areas that are barely 1 bubble deep, and 5Ta spread in 3 branches with red in the middle.

We now have one area with 3 castles, all 3 are access and one with 4 castles, of which 3 are access… how is this even fair? We have 2/3 of our castles now with direct access to NML!

Before this reshuffle we had 5 castles and it was already a 24/7 on watch, and people exhausted from it.
Based on our castle count and announcements , we were expecting 2-3 more but not 8 more…!
Stop this ad make the access distribution equal for every team based on castles, or you’re going to lose half of your player base by end of next week.
(and maybe time for me to rest and go back to more productive things in RL)


Yep, this is the main reason I can’t get behind the current map. In my opinion, a team should have gates proportional to how many castles they have total. Teams who have more castles have more gates. It shouldn’t be totally random like PG did it now


Well at least they tried their best, and it’s not like mistakes are intentional either


Every castle should be a gate plox😍



Everyone has (or should have) access castles, making the stagnation of sitting on castles for 3+ years rotatable, giving teams more of a chance to have castles change hands for once.

You’re surrounded by your 5ta, and if you’re in a good one, you theoretically have your immediate friends to help defend your castles from attacks. On the other side, as an attacker, you can spread attacks on 5ta’s to stop them from helping each other.


It’s too clustered and I have bad eyes and can’t see things. Changing the color of access vs non access or spreading the castles out a bit more would help.

It’s also a bit confusing to see if something is an access or isn’t in terms of the water and safe zones. I’ve seen “access” leading to water. Can my primarchs swim? :dolphin:

The ratio of access to non-access isn’t even across the board as was stated. There are teams with 14/20 access and then there are teams with 3/20 access. I’ve even seen a team without a single access🙈

I think having more access castles and not letting teams hide in 5+ bubble deep areas is great and should help with the stagnation of atlas, but I agree that the distribution of access/non access isn’t even and should be looked into further.


Need cords napkin👀

Are you insane?

That’s not a good idea, this is probably a joke anyways but it’s a bad idea either way

That’s exactly what they did. They told us to quit.


TLDR of this entire thread since everyone is very angry right now, there’s several main issues I’ve seen brought up so far, so I’ll break things down accordingly

Problem 1 - Access Disparities

Some teams have far more access than other teams, despite having the same number of castles.

Why is this a problem? This makes things unfair across the board, and very dependent on luck of the draw, with those that got lucky being able to kick back and relax, while those that got unlucky getting spread thin and burn out, possibly to the point of disbanding. (even if they originally hadn’t overspread themselves with the number of castles they owned)

Solution: Access ratios need to be even across the board, or very close to decrease the massive disparities. The map also shouldn’t have the huge differences in ‘how many castles deep’ as it currently is - this might be more of a map shape issue though. Not sure what the best course of action is due to technical limits, but it looks like things need to be done looked at closely and tweaked manually.

Problem 2 - Visuals

Several people have expressed concerns about visuals in the new iteration due to close clustering and colours used in the map.

Why is this a problem? This makes the map very hard on the eyes when viewing due to the bright colours and intense clustering.

Solution: Tone down the colours a bit and consider spreading apart castle distance a little to decrease the appearance of cluttering (and maybe tweak prim traveling speed accordingly to make up for the extra spacing)

Problem 3 - Design Intent

Once again, many people have concerns over this and that it won’t help the current stagnation issues, but rather add to the frustrations of Atlas due to the changes ‘seemingly favouring piracy’

Why is this a problem? Currently, people are already frustrated due to pirate teams sniping them and them not being able to retaliate, and now there are concerns that the piracy issue will get exacerbated due to the access disparities mentioned earlier.
(Pirate teams are teams that have no castles that keep sniping you continuously, therefore being an annoyance you can’t retaliate against)

Solution: Not sure the best course of action here - but in the effort of staying relevant, I would atleast work on fixing the Access Disparities so access is more even across the board, and the piracy issue doesn’t feel exacerbated until it can be tackled individually at a later time.

Problem 4 - Communication

Okay… I think the title for this is self-explanatory. In a nutshell though, people are unhappy with how everything shuffle-related was communicated.

Why is this a problem? The general vibe is that people feel unprepared, and misled by the limited information that was provided earlier not really being true in practice. (for example, 4:1:1 ratio being brought up a lot)

Solution: People pretty much want more transparency/info with changes this huge being given ahead of time, with it being ample enough for preparation.
N.B: I realise this isn’t always possible, but the shuffle is quite massive.

There’s probably more, but I’ll end this here. Overall, one final concern that I saw being brought up a lot was that resources (i.e troops and castles) will get lost in this trial.

The quickest hotfix to all of this would be to reconsider that, as the execution of the shuffle wasn’t what people expected it to be, so I imagine it would be easier and more productive to reverse original resources after the trial is over versus reverting the shuffle, because then you might get some sort of data to build up upon in the future, and people will rest more easily knowing the fact that their work won’t go down the drain, and would reconsider ‘quitting over this’.

N.B: I’ve simply summarised this thread, I’ve left personal thoughts out of this post - keep that in mind before anyone possibly comes after me for this post lol.

@PGGalileo TLDR of the thread more or less.


Pg you need to play this game!
you can’t keep making changes without knowing the game, it would take a week to play it to understand that such a map system is crazy :man_facepalming:


@PGGalileo many castles with access, even for my team who are high hands in the 5th.

I still can fathom the sheer stupidity of making a change while there are ongoing issues with Atlas that are able to be exploited to cost teams castles