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About:I would like to recruit people from all over the world to share in this great game with me. Alas, at so many turns there are opportunities where the folks looking for teams don’t speak the same language as I do. I’m wondering what it would take to have a language translator placed into the chats so that everyone playing can have a homogeneous playing experience.

there isn’t a language translator good enough. learn some new languages or be a bit more homogeneous.

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Sorry, but fangsies is right. This has been brought up and shot down a number of times. It’s just not realistic for PG to maintain real-time, high-quality translation across all languages for its chat.

There’s a reason that teams tend to form around language groups, and external chat apps are in wide use.

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Chat is outsourced anyway. I don’t know how much control PG has over the features.
Translation has been requested many times and each time the answer is no so I don’t know why this time would be different.

Having just said all of that, I got a rejection from a qualified D1 player yesterday because of the language barrier so I do understand why it keeps cropping up. I would take the feature but it would be low on my priority list. A healthy, geographical, and culturally diverse team IS a good thing. MW will accept highly qualified players assuming they have even rudimentary English skills and good manners.


At a minimum they could allow the option to edit/delete and copy/paste text from chats. Then at least it would be feasible for people to use translation apps. I agree that this is needed though. We have a member that doesn’t speak English so its hard for me to help him and even tell him to join Line. He speaks in emojis


this would be amazing

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