Language problem


it was because i have changed my phone and the game cant be translate to chinese languege and can i know when can it repair to fullfill my request this will be my last resquest if it does not fullfill my request on time i will just disband the game


I’ve heard of people disbanding teams, but you must have some serious power to disband the game :flushed:

On a serious note, have you tried going into settings and changing the language?


I saw both traditional and simplified chinese (1st image)


i have try but it dont nit camr out anything i have deleted the game and install back but it still the same

OrcaFrost via War Dragons 於 2019年5月13日 週一 下午9:51 寫道:


What phone?
What OS (operating system)?
Is the problem the game isn’t in Chinese or you’re unable to type in Chinese?

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the phone is samsung galaxy a70 it using andriod 9 properly not vecause of the operating system the problem is the game is not in chinese if for typing is it can


Ahhh, looks like rss sent to banks isn’t translated, while rss sent to other people are:

@Arelyna could you poke the right people to make system messages more consistent for other languages please?

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Pokey poke


We’ve opened a ticket up with the engineers to look into what’s going on here.


Way to be a problem-solver! :kissing_heart: