Last attack of the event should count!

It seems very unfair to me that my last attack initiated in the event did not count. If the attack is allowed to be initiated it should be valid and earn victory points even if it finishes a few seconds after the event is finished.
I was refunded the 20 energy for the attack but that is hardly fair after I spent 400 rubies to to buy 16 energy for the last super attack.
There were 4 people on my team who reported that their last attack did not count. My team SnowWolvez worked very hard and we came second in the last round in colloseum by 1000 pointss and ranked 11 overall. If our last attack counted we would have won and rank 10. This also would allow us to remain in the sapphire league instead we are going to be platinum…very unfair

It’s only unfair if it happened to you and you alone. This applies to everyone so suck it up and learn for next event.


Neither did mine. I got the chests from monument drops, my energy and had to suck it up. The round ended, period.

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The same happened to myself they should have it blocked if there isn’t time left to complete your run just got my energy back and inner fire

A run can take from 1 min to 5-6 minutes depending on how you fly and how many dragons you didn’t check timing and come here to complain. It seems like impulsive whine due to either you not reaching target or your team not going above what you are right now.

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You can get points using less than 10 seconds for a run so there’s no need to stop runs from happening - as Luffy said the system has absolutely no idea when you are going to end the run.

Learn from this, time it better next event.

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This honestly sounds like a “you” problem


They specifically stated that Suoer Attacks were not allowed during the last fifteen minutes of the round…aka they were dsabled. What happened to me ( and many) is that the last attack did not count,even tho there were still three to four minutes left in the round; I was 34 points away from the next prize level and i got the message that “your opponent is not in the same tier as you, so you will be refunded youe energy and inner fire used for that battle”. BS! I want my 34points, you greedy PG bastards!

That sounds like a glitch but probably too late for PG to do anything about it. You can raise a ticket and hope they can give u the next prize tier but I wouldn’t hold my breath.

fly faster or pick a shorter base

super attacks weren’t disabled as far as I experienced. Just megas.


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