Last event of duskfall season..?

You need feeding ?

  • Yes
  • No

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20 day remaining so 3 week.

This week it’s temple raid …
Next week should be Fortification …
And Breeding… last?

Please give us a Feeding event before the end :cry: Not Breeding !!

For me and a lot of people we can win a lot of Sigils with feeding !

Sorry considere my opinion and sorry for my grammar :grimacing:

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Feeding. The last one.
And replace it with xp event for new season.
We need no heal time please!!!


You missed a memo I think, there is 0% chance of breeding, they switched back to the normal four-week rotation. It’s either pvp or feeding.


Last 2 events (old) + First 2 events (new)

  • Fort, PvP, Breed, PvP
    Everything is normal, though Super Sigil is bad during PvP.
  • Feed, Fort, PvP, Breed
    Ensuring PvP is in the discount period.
  • Fort, Feed, Breed, PvP
  • Fort, PvP, Breed, Feed.
    No PvP in discount period.
  • Fort, Feed, Breed, Feed
    PG is messing with us…

Yes, I probably miss a memo :sweat_smile:

Lets hope for the last feeding of the game, just one :smiley:

To me it would make sense that it goes temple raid, feed, fort for last event. That would put fort at 4th event (the newest/original cadence). If fort is after this Pvp it is only 3 weeks (the failed new cadence), but hey our speedups are worth 25% more sigils that way.


If they’ve truly gone back to the four week cadence, next week will be Feeding followed by Fort so that there’s four weeks between Forts.

It makes so much sense that I’m almost positive that’s not what they’ll do.


Instead of one of last pvps a feeding is better !

if they fixed the cadence then it should be TEMPLE RAID- FEEDING -FORTI , PVP (1ST EVENT IN WINTER) , BREEDING


Event cadence was ‘changed back’ only because they will make it TEMPLE RAID->FORTIFICATION->FEEDING then new season BREEDING->KINGDOM WARS because everyone wants a PvP in the first 2 weeks of the season because of the discount dragon and kingdom wars is the worst PvP event possible. Boring as watching grass grow but everyone will spend just to get their sigils.

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they always start new season with feeding so maybe PvP last event of this season🤔

Lol in what universe is that?

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last 2 seasons i think was started with feed event🤔
maybe i am wrong tho

Except when they don’t, like when the last event of Spring was Feeding. They’ve started a season with Feeding two out of the last three seasons, but they most certainly do not ALWAYS do so.

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tnx for info jaor, maybe am still in this universe after all

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Spring and fall this year started with feeding. The other 6 seasons so far did not. Three season started with breeding, so that’s already more common.

i was just remembering seasons this year. thanks for info✌🏼

We could just agree that it makes very little sense to speculate since there’s nobody listening either way and every trend or regularity is not taken into account when changes are being made either.


Just watch last event of the season will be feeding with new season started with feeding as well. Sorry just trying to think outside the box like PG. :joy::yum:

If I had to bet I would say:

  • fort with super sigil chests
  • feed with super sigil chests (season’s end)
  • breed with discount period (season’s beginning)
  • PvP with discount period
  • fort
  • etc