Last event of November

Does anyone know about the upcoming event on November 23?

It’s Fortification


The sequence of events goes as follows: fortification, pvp, breeding, pvp, fortification, pvp, breeding, etc.

@Jalen Oy, where’s the event topic? You gotta see this trainwreck season off


Small typo in Builder Hut @FishKA13 although it does hurt to upgrade them sometimes :rofl:

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Maybe some people’s 1st language isnt English.


I saw it . But sorry I’m not CF , my first language not English. All post what I do now only to help my friends and team.
Sooo…. Sorry, I I think you get the point and I’m not going to redo the post.
Have a good day!


Your posters are always the bomb Fish. Typos happen even to those whos first language is english. Were people after all, and mistakes happen.

And its sucks people have to point those mistakes out :frowning:

Also i thought you were CF? Unless my memeory is wrong


Thx u☺️
Yes I was. But long time no.:joy:

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That was quite rude of me. I do apologise for that. I sometimes get carried away. It’s not an excuse but I’ll try to do better next time.

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