Last Event of the season. Fort

Any fans of “The Thing”???

Ever wonder where these great movie posters come from? Follow along.

Edit: 2 new tower levels added. (So folks don’t have to zoom into the image.)


I’m a fan of The Thing. Btw, cant wait for Fort. Its my event to try and finish Sho’Groth’s whole third page or fail. It’s my “make or break” moment if you ask me. Anywho, can’t wait to see the spells for next season’s divines!

Yay but also boo. Im 600 sigils short of a mythic so I dont really need a fort event but I do need to get leveling to get to 435 soon and Fort is my favorite event

I dont even care about the fall mythic anymore, I just want to see Noctarn’s spells and get her.

did I miss when winter season dragons will be announced?

Thanks @Lutrus

I think I missed it too. Everyone else is getting the information on next season’s divines (which I’ve already made my official decision that I’m going for the discount hunter ONLY), but I haven’t seen any stream or anything :man_shrugging:t4:


I will be about 6000 sigils shy of a mythic. sigh

They were announced during the summit stream and we saw their concept art but the usual preview will be this Wednesday where we see their spell kits and anything new in the seasonal structure


That close it’s probably worth sinking 25-30k rubies into sigil chests…


I was just trying to figure that out… lol. I’ll also get 12875 rubies from fort prizes so I think I can make it. Still have no idea which mythic to get though. With next season being a hunter I might get GiG, but I don’t know because I normally don’t care for warriors much.

Are the requirements to build 92s out yet ? I mean what hut and player lvl needed ?

I have Gig, and I like him. Good dragon who doesnt need rage, and Ronin is useless these days, so i put my dark gear on him (I’m a 418). And Narlyth have some hiccups.



final version (elements and spells) should be announced in 1-2 days

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Interesting… I’m 423 and Ronin remains in my top 3 dragons to use. Might not last long, but for now he’s a valuable tool for me.

Yeah past 430 Ronin will be outpaced even by Gig eventually, but before that it’s hard to see how any divine but Namaka could compete with Ronin.

Maybe he’s referring to the range issues we had before 5.10. When storm towers could fire much earlier it did wreck Ronin’s ability to execute islands. But that has been fixed for a while now.

Personally I think PG did a very good dragon gear/tier vs base tier/gear balance for Ronin. Unfortunately that also means decent bases with 90s become out of reach fairly quickly for me at level 415… execute is having issues particularly defended and havoc isn’t viable long term.

On topic: am looking forward to fort, would have preferred this event within the first two weeks of next season though.

My namaka can kill 20b bases. My Ronin can kill below 10b. That’s why I dont like Ronin any longer:)

See my other post :slight_smile: