Last events of the season, Winterjol


The end of the season draws near. For the last 3 events, what do you want?

  • Fort event and 2 PvP events
  • Fort, PvP, and Feeding
  • Fort, PvP, and XP event (either old, or modified)
  • Fort, Breed, Feed
  • All PvP
  • Custom

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I would like at least 1 pvp event. Outside of that I would love at any point a new exp event. Give me an excuse to max old dragons.


3 weeks of Kingdom Wars because that would pretty much sum up this entire season

seriously though Im expecting FP > Fort > KW which I guess I’d be ok with only because I dont care about the rest of this season and could just save my rss and mostly sit the two pvps out. I think there is the possibility of a feeding on the last week though


Fight Pits, Fort and Kingdom Wars seems to be most logical by the calendar… yet that’s not that i want
Sort of okay with pits, but instead of last pvp I’d like anything, XP or… hell even feeding is fine, just not that.
The end of the season, especially when all or mostly all wanted rewards are claimed, there is no desire to fight to the fullest at all and use resources that would be more important in the new season.


FP > Feeding > Kingdom Wars


Feed, fort, then breed would be best, but I clicked wrong on the survey by accident.


Pvp (fightpits), fort with feed as seasons final, starting new season with breed followed by pvp is my best bet


Well next would be a pvp event it is announced by pg themselves


I think the purpose of the thread is more of your personal preference and wishes of the upcoming events :blush: rather than divination classroom again.
-not that we can influence it tho :pensive: -


This is a very likely option.


PG seems to be pulling feeding out over holidays, I wouldn’t be surprised to see this trend continue. Not sure of the US holidays, but I think upcoming is Easter, Memorial and Independence. Is there one before Easter?


Feeding is nice to have after fort, particularly because perches are now upgraded, dragons are no longer den capped, storage and farms have been upgraded, and there has been sufficient time since the last breeding such that we all have dragons waiting to be fed (don’t let our dragons starve!)

Also, it’s a great way to end the season because we can chill out before getting ready to grind for the first two weeks of the next season. Having just one PVP is more than sufficient time for us to use all our inner fires and energy packs. Just my two cents.


ShadowofBirds announces that Fight Pits are next. So Fortification should follow after and then Kingdom wars.


I sincerely hope that we can get PvP before breeding at the start of next season…


I would bet on feeding rather than KW again :pleading_face:


The most logical choice, at least to me would be… PVP, Fort, and Feed. Feed gives the most sigils and gives everyone the opportunity to actually succeed and excel greatly in rewards with simply the effort they are willing to put in and time devoted/ spent grinding food with also help from team.


It’s going to be Fight Pits, Fort and probably Kingdoms to wrap it up.


Except they don’t want people to do that, they want people burning rubies on sigil chests

Personally Id want KW just so that we’re not starting the Spring with it. Literally the only time I’ll ever wish for KW.


So far I see only one custom variation :smile:
Curious what others wish to be arranged.


Highly doubt it can be feeding as it has already happened. There’s rarely two feeding events in a season. I’m betting Kingdom wars/Team Gauntlet