Last events of the season, Winterjol


I just hope they remove the kingdom wars :stuck_out_tongue:


Hope it’s fort and then another pvp


Fort, feed to end, open with breed and pvp.

The end. :joy:


Amen :pray:t3:
Can’t see a better way in given circumstances.
No KW for the end of season :woman_facepalming:t3: I’ll boycott it :joy:


The only possible solution not introducing new events…


I’m with grumpy. We’re due for a feed and after last season’s opening and all the holler over a feed at season start I doubt they wanna hear it again…


And the answer is, pvp:


Laaaame. Oh well, at least PvP bubble allows for a “tranquil” week, sans Atlas bs.


Yeah, and it’s not like upgrading Primarchs and riders will be the next Atlas event…

Oh, wait…


That’s up to you to do not me lol.


I’ve spent that past week getting my primarchs a ton of glory to prepare for that event. Perhaps the next 2 days could be set aside for you to do this also? :slight_smile:


Also Aligane is still open, I got enough glory there over the last months to max my silver destroyer several times over. I just don’t want to spend that many timers on it.


Off-topic . I have never been to Aligane, it looks too scary :flushed:

On-topic . P.G. Please implement changes to this event or get rid of it :pray:


Since it’s been announced, @moderators

Close please…

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Closed as requested by OP :hugs: