Last evolve stone for Ochre impossible to get

Just writing this because I think that the last achievement on team achievements to get the last stone for ochre is nearly impossible for most teams to get. First off, to get 9,000 points would require 180k egg tokens. With ochre only going up to platinum tier it’s not the diamond teams worried about it, it’s the teams in lower leagues that aren’t gonna get it. Seriously? 180k egg tokens? I don’t even earn that many tokens in a month.

We’re in s1 hopefully the team achievements aren’t the same for everyone because we are having trouble achieving that last one. 40 members to earn 9k points in the event to get the platinum stone for ochre for our low levels and we’re ranked 2nd in event.

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You could always just get 40 players to spend the money.

That is what it is designed for. They want more people spending money.

I was looking forward to using ochre in platinum tier but there is no way I will get that platinum stone.

The Spelling Police here: Check the title please, and tell me: Who the heck is OCHE?

It’s OKRA getit wright mah gawsh :roll_eyes:

It’s pronounced Oo-Chee

I think it’s a Japanese :jp: Dragon :+1:

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Aside from obtaining 180k egg tokens, do you know what it takes for a player at Platinum or lower to spend 180k tokens without wasting a ton of them? Would have to hatch, level and breed like 4 dragons seperately to keep with the breeding guide.


Good Point!

180k tokens is like breeding 4 gold legendaries. That is insane

And an extremely wasteful way to breed them too

I’m in D2, and 9,000 points for 40 team members is not going to happen. As has already been pointed out, 180k tokens, while I could spend that number without wasting them, is a very steep price. Getting 40/50 members to spend enough money to get this reward is a simple money grab–with the added psychological twist of peer pressure (don’t let your team down). Ochre is not even a “very premium” (taking that from the thread on the thrid Primarch slot) dragon. He’s worthless to the players who can attain his final form, and to the ones he would help, he’s unattainable without spending significantly more than they normally would (if they normally spent that amount, they would not need or benefit from a Platinum dragon).

Close your wallets and open your mouths–only then will PG hear you.

~Power to the Players


Or…It’s almost enough to get a mythic sapphire or Garnet dragon :grimacing:

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