Last file not loading

We are one of the lottery teams and i have had several teammates that have now gotten stuck on the loading screen where the last file wont load or finish loading. Are any other new teams having this issue?

This in particular

I had to restart several times due to this when I first got into Atlas. It eventually worked.

If you’re on iOS:

Double tap the home button
Click WD again

That usually forces the last file to load for me.

Tried force closing several times. Worked on one, not on two others so far and having trouble getting pg to respnd to tickets at the moment

You just have to wait it out, and get used to it because every time there’s an update or the game is deleted/reinstalled, those files need to be downloaded again. Have heard of the files not loading at all, but I’d wait 15-20 minutes tops before making that sort of judgement.

I got used to having to wait up to 5 minutes (which feel like half an hour if you keep staring at the progress bar lol) until the last file loaded so I would definitely try to put the phone aside and wait a little and check back later.

I’m usually scared to hard close an updating app because I don’t want to break it in the middle of the process :see_no_evil:

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same here… last file usally takes up to 2 minutes for me

This is what I ran into the day they opened the new lands. I waited upwards of 5 hours for that last file to load, couldn’t help my teammates at all.

Behold, the Atlas Server:

Wow when did they make the change from the II to the IIe?? :open_mouth::open_mouth:

before updating to 4.23, hence all the un-lag… :man_shrugging:t3:

I think the first time i went into Atlas after getting that piece of crap game add on, it took 20 minutes or so to download the first file.

Good news though, this is just the start of the lagging issues you will now have in Atlas.

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