Last Minute Advice

I will be 505 sigils short of the Emerald stone for Cavaleris. I assume I should use 5k rubies and get the 10 Sigil Chests to finish it off.

Idk about that… wont you get so much sigils when event is over as per where your team placed? Can you not upgrade anything to hit the next possible sigil prize?

I swear if I just needed 1 space I’d farm the hell outta bronze for the 25 sigils drops before I’d spend another 5k

But that’s just me I guess

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If you want to save rubies you could grind bronze chests. It’ll take a bunch of time but it’s possible. And free.

Otherwise if it gets you another stone it’s probably worth the 5k if you see yourself using him regularly. If you don’t see yourself using him don’t bother


What is your current level? Do you plan on using the emerald evolution stone in the next 2 seasons (6 months) or not?

I am Level 53. I have already factored in 125 sigils my team will get at the end of this event. I can’t get the next fortification sigils prize and I don’t have time to grind that many bronze chests.


Save the rubies; it’s a while away, and there’ll be more dragons.


Save your rubies. Cav will be obsolete by the time you get him up to emerald.


Cav is already obsolete over lvl 100 :joy:

Mild sarcasm…but point made lol

@Kallesin most deff save those rubies… in fact I’m not sure I’d even taken him to garnet at your level… but kudos for you being lvl 53 And getting to garnet :+1:

… Cavaleris is definitely among better warriors .
I wouldn’t say he is extraordinary but if defender is not smart or if there is no ice flak on base, he could kill it pretty well on similar level.


Maybe I just cant fly warriors… I just feel like it’s a struggle…

Maybe I’ve flown hunter too long :grin::joy:

As for cav… if that shield hadn’t have done what it ended up doing with the rage drain… I’d marked cav as worthless… only saving grace for him…

i am addicted to hunters too, much more than you can imagine.
But i like my Cavaleris. The only issue for all these dragons is having or not having gear. Warriors may not be tough, but little few tricks help in flying them better.


I truly have loved somnus this season… hes wrecking defended bases 60-100 lvls above me… even short bases… I think people discarded him too early tbh…

But otherwise yes… hunters is way to go :+1:

Kinda off topic… but…

Extra rage runes… dark flak and rage runes…sorcerer attk runes… kill islands do mininal damage to somnus… since most have dark flaks…

Then that spam of missels just decimates a kill island with poison stack damage… :grin:… then bam… invincible and full health n rage again with death kneel…


no way dont even get garnet at your lvl/tier. i would keep stacking in valuables as prizes with those sigils and growing as fast as i can in terms of breeding.

these drags will b useless in 3-4 months guarnteed

I’m the same way. Love my somnus. So glad I got him to Vanguard.

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So the emerald stone is worthless, but the 39 gold chests after it definitely aren’t. If you’ve got 10k rubies (expected), use 'em, you’ll end up getting gold chests at 38% off the 4000 per 10 rate. Particularly at your level, this will be a big help.


This, this is excellent advice.

I’m not even sure the emerald stone is worthless, if nothing else Cav is a nice sweeper at emerald level still, but with the gold chests after it’s essentially a free goodie anyway.

The free gold chests were the reason I got an emerald stone on Avyx as a lvl 60 or something way back when, and as I’m about to enter emerald now I’m still pretty happy I get to keep him a little longer.


I have 46k rubies now and I think 10k rubies can get me to the 39 gold chests. What is so helpful about them? I swear if I get a bunch of lumber packs I will feel like this was big mistake.

Don’t open them during fort or breeding events, or you’ll get lumber/food packs. Save ‘em for next event.


There is a lot of debate about when is the best time to open chests…

Lots of people do pvp only because of the energy packs, inner fires, sigils, etc…

Some do it during breed for the tokens, etc…

Some open during events like fort to get more build supplies and timers…

Some split so many between every event…

Best thing to do is what’s best for your personal growth and your teams growth…honestly at your level lumber packs arent the worst thing you could get… now for lvl 300s… 400k lumber is pretty obsolete tbh.

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Yep, the idea is to get the golds, but not open them now, open them next season so you’ll get next season’s sigils.

Like others have said there are various options for when to open them, but at your level I think you’ll be best served opening your gold chests in pvp. Later when timers and embers are more of a bottle-neck you could switch to opening them in fort.