Last minute Eclipse legendary legendary dragon poll

  • Nebulon
  • Talaroik
  • Omiros
  • Zel’Noth

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Hmm. This is really hard. The only legendary design that I don’t like this season is Omiros.

I guess I will go with Talariok. I think it’s a pretty solid sorceror design and those can be rare.


I would frankly say that all of the divines this season (well, all except one, and the odd one out knows who he is :eyes:) we’re pretty decent. This was a pretty balanced season, in terms of divines, if I do say so myself.

I found great joy in flying Talariok the first few times. She’s pretty fun. I left her at a low tier for TR and mini-events though. Zel’Noth is very good himself, albeit very rage-hungry. Nebulon is now my favorite of all festives ever released, and I find great joy in flying him as well. This was possibly one of the best seasons we’ve had in a while — and if not, it’s definitely far from the worst. I went with Nebulon.

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Depends on your goal I guess

  • Useable dragon: Zel
  • Prizes: Omiros
  • Drac chests: Neb but only if you plan to get a lot of the drac chests, otherwise you’re going to be gambling and probably wont get as many timers as Omiros would give

Personally though I’d say get a rider or the Howitzer line if you havent already


Ever since Ozy I haven’t really committed to any warrior regardless of what the line has to offer. Luzok was very nice and great for TR and mini events.

My opinion nebby than talariok than zelnoth than omaros than Leos


Nebulon a beast, Talariok decent, Zel’noth absolutely powerful but not my style, Omiros meh, Leos blöh :nauseated_face:


I got Talariok because discount, Omiros because bonus prizes, Nebulon because draconic chests…
I don’t think I even hatched Nebulon, so I have no idea. Left both Talariok and Omiros in platinum before I decide which tier to level them to during dungeons I guess. I tried them both Idk if during TR or assault (or am I confusing the 2 mini-events?) and honestly I was pleasantly surprised by both.

I would have wanted to get Zel’Noth too but there is only so much one can get :cry:

So… Idk. I’ll choose between those 2 after dungeons I guess

I really do like Nebulon. He’s one of the most fun dragons out there.


I hatched Nebulon during Temple Raid, used him up through Harb. Made Temple Raid somewhat bearable this time.
Really wish I could get him further, just not feasible/affordable.

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Leos is an embarrassment for legendary club. One usable spell, like any rare from lower tiers would have. Absolutely nothing worth your hard earned sigils


Leos was good, for his increased prizes.

Increased prizes in a line with bad prizes doesn’t necessarily make it good

It just means you’re getting more bad prizes


As per usual, get first three prizes, a bit of gold chests and tons of xp potions, leave the resurrection :partying_face:


But think of what you could do with all those extra xp potions!

Not that normal dragon lines are all that much better…


Unless you’re passing so many lineage dragons or getting them upto expert (like me :see_no_evil:) then I don’t think the extra XP potions are necessary. You have a whole month to collect XP potions from dragons quest and if you really needed more XP doing normal runs with XP boost can help even if it is a little bit.

Sorry that was deep deep sarcasm of me, the xp potions are useless trash in that line. Thought that was probably clear for most but tone doesn’t translate well sometimes in text.


Yeah I was quite confused :joy: but can’t hear tone in text