Last update is not going right

Hi after the last update of the game some go wrong
The time for my buildings construct increased why???
For example the time of one of the buildings was 18 days when i start to upgrade it but after updating the the game it becomes 22day
Please fix that

Use the search function; welcome to the party.

This problem has been on the front page for the entire day, he didn’t even need to use the search function :slight_smile: But welcome to the forums though

So im not the only one with this problem

Everyone is experiencing the problem upgrading buildings, yes. You can do everything else except that though so you should be fine playing the game, just don’t upgrade buildings and reset the progress you made (sync error)

And my research became

, while it should only take 6 days and 10 hours. It was fine for 3 days, and then now it takes 9 days.

Welcome to the forums!

When you have issues, suggestions, or questions please make use of the search function in the upper right hand side of the screen. This is to reduce duplicate topics and ensure everyone’s voice is heard best as possible. There is an announcement on this update that people are posting issues to.

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