Late fortification start

Is it true fortification event will be delayed until 3/1


No :slight_smile:
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If so ppl are gonna be pissed off! I can already hear cries of “where’s my apology gift!”

Does it depend where you are in the world?

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It already on LC

Unless we are dealing with the International Date Line I think people are messing with you.

2/28 PST as far as I know.

If you are on the timezone where it is already 3/1, then nothing changes since it’s still under 2/28 when converted to PST.

Ok thank you

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If it gets delayed for a day, I am sure that they will announce it.

If it’s for an hour or 2, they can decide to announce it or simply say that you will have to wait for the announcement of the event going live.

As we all sit there staring at our devices to protect our precious resources for an indeterminate amount of time.


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better than spend it when they say it goes live at 12:00 PM PST.

you choose, lose the resource or use the resource and timers with no chance of getting any points because you assumed that the event went live already.

worst part of this event is trying to be on at beginning since they vary the time. I get why but the missus just looks at me and shakes her head as I walk around staring at my phone. LOL

Why don’t we have a specific drop dead start time for ALL of our events?

you may know common sense, but there are people that might be different in a way that if they see the clock hits XX:00, they would start spending resource and clocks.

If they see that their score is 0 after spending like $200 worth of value packs for the resources and clocks, they will get angry and ask for compensation or refund.

Just be patient and wait for the announcement. Better to lose resource than no points from using them.


It’s already 1 March and the event haven’t started! :angry:

P.s I’m in Aust. Lesson here? Don’t believe everything you read. Get context first.


Lame tactic to get people not to boost their base is lame

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