Latency, should Attackers or Defenders be prioritised

Something I have been considering lately is if connection is slow imo the attacker is at a disadvantage. What are your thoughts? Would you like to see defender autokicked if there connection to the attacker is slow? It can be abused now by defenders how would you stop this?

the dragon should just move through the base at the constant speed.

when the attackers keystroke reaches the server the action happens

the same for the defender.

so whoever has the poor internet has a harder time .

no one receives priority you just get the result of what you have

just simple GIGO

I agree with the concept, but don’t know how it could be done equitably. I had a defender on an attack during this event whose connection was so horribly slow that my dragon would freeze in place but continue to fire (on auto). It would them suddenly jump to the next island. During all of this, I saw messages about a slow connection that I have never seen before, or since. I was able to overcome his defense, but the attack took between 3 and 4 minutes to complete instead of the normal approximately 2 minutes.