Latest Beta Event


Could the price tiers increased again?
Already maxed out again


Shhhh dont give them idea’s… i think you meant to ask can they add more prize tiers…


I maxed it a few minutes after the start… just saying

But more prize tiers would be awsome.


Yes. Only add additional tiers would be nice. He first set was completed within 5 min - and today’s update was already achieved too … I’m currently at 440 of 260


I already asked this on another post I’m on 496k and could still do more they also need to make a top 500 like in main events


@LegolastheElf what do you mean by today’s update? Did they add tiers?


No they haven’t top achievement 260k I’m on 490k


I got 8 new tiers to be claimed that morning. Don’t know if that was update related. Now max 260k
It was less at the start - as I maxed within 2-3 minutes


That was the max at the start of my event and I completed wi5in three minutes


Come on @PGDave, give us some more goodies :wink:


Yes… Trick or Treat :jack_o_lantern:


Yeah like 50 12hour speed ups or sigals we’re testing beta doing a good job give us a decent treat for Halloween


I foresee this causing all events to turn out like that last one where it’s insane to try to get points at all. if it’s easy and paying reasonably-stay quiet. Enjoy what you get and move on. But as always somebody has to fuck that up by complaining


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