Latest breeding path

Help me with a latest breeding path as reds breeding path is obsolete for platinum tier both in cost way and dragon way.

Why do you think it’s obsolete?


I just got through platinum tier with Reds Best and it was pretty simple. There are just a lot of dragons that you need to get. And besides, the breeding pairs are the cheapest, these haven’t been updated since Red made this breeding guide. The only thing that is wrong is the egg token cost, it is a little less than what it says but having more is better than having less. There is no problems with the guide itself though.

Yes for the higher tiers that have gotten additional discounts. But then again you can see the cost in your breeding castle

Nope, nothing has changed with any of those tiers, they’re still the most efficient ways that also gets you the builder’s hut eggs you need


Who exactly told you it was obsolete? Nothings changed outside of discounts. And even if that hasn’t been taken into account (which I’m sure it has) that doesn’t change the path just the numbers


Red’s Best path will get most (if not all) platinum dragons. I don’t think there’s a much cheaper way to get through platinum (besides Red’s Cheapest perhaps). I’ve seen someone trying an alt route through plat (for reasons of his own) and it’s very very expensive.

Not only cost changed but also the way dragons breeded for example nosfer should be breeded from mune and kaiju but I already have it.

Nope hasn’t changed

What path are you following? Neither Reds best or cheapest have that step, nor do any of the custom platinum paths.


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