Latest Divine Dragons leveling is totally unfair to player levels 28-48

SThe new divines are great at player level 28, almost OP, but they won’t be worth beans as you cap Amorak in your thirties because to go from level 1 to level 2s req is Dragon Den 13. Which if a ameaba is right reqs Player level 49. And this isn’t even to the green stone yet. I figure with the new tiers your squeezing thins or extrapolating. But it’s broken having to wait 21 players levels. Think about how slow progress is in that period.

My main point is that the level 1 to level 2 with the divines is still within Orange tier. Yet the Den Requirement of 49 is much higher than Green Tiers Den Level 40 requirement

Amoeba is outdated and has none of the new divines.


I’m not sure you made a compelling argument. It takes almost no effort to progress through those lower levels and many dragons have had adjustments around better lower end balance since amoeba last updated. But also the newest divines had pretty generous leveling requirements, they just evolve like every other level for a while, which means they also ramp up more power in less levels.

I don’t recall any of them being unfair, but possibly not as balanced as it should be. The divines tend to be way stronger than the lineage dragons.


Wait until he see Axi’s unfair level requirement :smirk:

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Level 28 to 48 takes a few weeks at most, and divines are so massively overpowered at low level anyway that I can’t really see this as a real issue.


Yep. Divines are ridiculously powerful at low levels, and if you’re putting enough time or money in to cap Amarok in your 30s, you’ll be level 100 within the month! :joy:

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If you think those lvls take a long time to get thu, wait until you hit sapphire.

You should be able to do that in one fort day if u have elite acc. If not two. Fort is next. Plz try first you will see it’s very easy. Just don’t build any balistaas or cannons. Make one archer one storm and one blue and red mage each and lvl it as much as u can. buildings u can build a dark flak ad that and don’t listen to the game tell u to clear the fog and one more tower makes the difference. What it should say is one MAXED tower can make the difference. up not out.

The eggs are the wall,by sapphire one tower upgrade will bring you up a level at that level.
Personally I’d rather be a lower level with capped drags, at the highest tier , for that level, than be level 300 with under 200M ATk, and DEf. also I dont find game play especially_more fun at the higher levels, actually the opposite for myself.

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