Latest Fortification Event


I recently saw that IOS users had a bonus branche in fortication event from 4million points +
Why Android users like me were not able to see or get them?
My last reward ends at 2.40 M points
And IOS user last reward was at 8.50 M points

I didnt maxed the event anyways but why there are differences between IOS and Android anyways??


I believe they only show up once you start to reach that tier. I am on android and started to see the extra rewards tiers once I got closer to max. I did max the event out at 2.4m but the addition of new tiers meant I could continue playing and gaining more rewards.

Why have them show up if you are still millions of points away from claiming it? I assume that is the thought process.


It’s not iOS vs android. You have to attain the 2.4 mil prize in order to see the 4 mil bonus prize.


The replies here are correct. Once you reach the maximum tier a bonus tier shows up. This is to make it so that players who get a ton of points don’t cap out, while not making it seem like you’re missing out on a ton of stuff if you don’t get millions of points.


You only need to reach to the 2M mark to see the next prize tier


Hmm not true.

It only shows the next one.

Eg i could see the 4mil bonus one but not the 6 or 8/10 whatever one.

Would have been nice to know there is a mythic healing mark rune around, might have enticed me to go for it.


I only achieved the 2.4m reward but am able to see both 4 and 6m reward tiers. Strange that it seems different for Gox


But can you see the 8.5mil one? I stopped just after the legendary rune, since the other prizes were mediocre.


No but I was able to see the 4m before getting to and claiming the 2.4m. Once I claimed the 2.4m I was able to see both 4m and 6m.


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