Latest update issue

The latest update on IOS has rendered the join battle option just a pretty little icon at the top of the screen that vanishes when tapped much like the whack a mole game at an amusement park. This is going to be super awesome when 2 wars start for my team in a few hours.

Are you maybe hitting the x next to it. It’s a very annoying button for right handed ppl. It closes the invite


Nope…hitting it square and I’m a lefty lol. Others on my squad are having the same issue

It’s a love-hate relationship for now :joy: will probably get better as people get used to it.

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what is the thought behind the “x”? was it really too big to just ignore invites?

I’d screenshot and report it in-game as well, so that they can gather device, OS version, etc. It’s a full banner for me still.

no issue on my end.

You have 5 seconds of extra time (12~13 seconds total when you tap it instantly) when the timer on the attacker is already inside the battle fighting.

You might need to record it using the iOS screen record feature whenever your team mate is planning on attacking and requesting a backup.

Hope we get an option that allows us to disable the x. Like with the swap button

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