Launching Team Skirmish


I have been wondering for some time now if it would be possible to add a feature into the game called “Team Skirmish” to allow friendly battles between members so that they can easily test new gear or layouts, dragons etc. This feature should also have the same resource restrictions as pvp to eliminate any misunderstandings or frustrations… if not then i could always use that to my advantage as well and just bounce to myself using a member that had given permission to do so beforehand. Thoughts?


I have been interested in a concept like this for a long time. Many players do not have out of team contacts that they can ask to test their bases. It would help promote healthy base design, and could add a while new layer of competitiveness to the game. In order to prevent any sort of problems, perhaps some sort of attack invite could be sent by the defender to the prospective attacker, which they can then click on to join and select their dragon. No resources are stolen, nor any other points lost or gained. Perhaps free boosts can be optionally used, to better simulate a real defense? Not sure if that would be difficult to program or not.

Overall, it is a concept that would be great to see fleshed out in the game.



Nice they should bump that post or somethin i didnt see it when i looked for a related topic but then again i just joined the forums so im still figuring out how to navigate lol


I think it’s a great idea and very useful, also saw it discussed somewhere else in the forum, just don’t remember where. I think concensus was most agreed as long as no rss or XP earned as a result.


I agree. Its difficult to evalute a bases design using replays. Teamates should be able to run “test” runs on teamates so we dont have to have someone leave the team to do it and rejoin.


On a similar topic, our teammates and attackers from matchmaking are able to see our base in strategic view (the entire base layout from above, like a map) but we can’t see it ourselves and it would be so great to be able to check our base layout for easier improvement without relying on teammates that aren’t always available at the same time as we do…

Attacking teammates for fun I’d like to see that implemented, but it must be made clear it’s a friendly attack by a very distinctive banner color or something like that, to prevent sending resources away in frantic panic :laughing:


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