Layout advice wanted

Advice please on the layout of my base. The 10 mid-long towers will all be maxed-for-level the fort after next. I’m level 471.

Generally, the front island+howitzer seems to work OK, but by the time the rest of the back island comes into play the battle is almost over. Maybe longer range towers like lightning would work better down the back, but I won’t make that drastic a change until I’m forced to go to 15 towers.

Swap earth flak and CO?
What arrangement of the back island?
I’d consider changing for other towers, but I don’t want more than three flaks, more than three electrum, or more than one CO due to resources (I can easily get all these to 120+ and don’t want to risk failing that with more of them, also I expect we may be limited to one CO for the mid-long in an update).

Edit: Moved the CO back in response to suggestion.

I’d say put the Orrery further back, as it’s got insane range and replace that with maybe a fire flak.

Or even better, put 2 Orrerys on there.

Maybe swap the ice flak’s position with the blue mage so that it’s supershot gets out faster.

Some people prefer the earth flak in front, but I prefer having ice flak up front to shut down spells.

Ice flaks also have longer range than most other flaks. Having an earth flak I guess will activate the shield a whole lot faster.


I advise the EF in the front, if it is in the back it doesn’t do anything for 90% the run


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