Layouts again different views

Soo @PGGalileo we should have this again for each season they looked dope and gives us something different to look at


This is long before I start playing but I still hope to see something like this :star_struck:


Yea before atlas to lol the ones they had for layout changed messed up but this one and others didnt like the Halloween one

fall i believe

this is when the stuff started causing issues is the buildings they added this during the 300 rough wall

The winter one was one of favorites. I especially liked flying necryx since his normal breath attack shot blood so the bloody snow was kind of cool.

I liked the spring Springveil one we got after they lightened it up so we could actually see things. I was sad though we only had it for a couple of weeks

I hated the last one though, the Sudden or whatever it was called and it was terrible for atlas.

Unfortunately we can barely get events that work right so I have zero confidence that they could pull off another base skin switch. All our towers would probably end up in the water


i mean it use to happen all the time during season changes till they decided to do the building ones which them was meh im just looking for the ones we posted as the different layouts makes it alot better to look at then the same thing all year long

I forget which map it was (probably winter) but it was hard to figure out where the ice flak was. All the same, loved the different maps. Wish it would come back this winter.

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