Leader leaving a Team

I’m not sure where to ask this question, but here it is…

When a leader up and leaves a team without notice… how does the “next” leader get appointed if the position is not deliberately picked by the leader leaving? Does it go by medal count or just does game pick randomly within the existing leadership?


Oldest running officer will become the next leader

I always assumed the leader couldn’t leave without appointing a new leader. Hmm. (I see
I do have a button, but I’m not going to press it)

One thing to note, if a leader is kicked for inactivity, the new leader is not an officer but the most active person… lost an alt team this way. I assumed an active officer would get the job but a very active person who randomly joined an open team got the team instead.

Press it Eidolon… see what happens. :slight_smile:

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True, it shouldn’t be an issue considering there’s no war or events. :thinking:


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That’s a pathetic leader!! Of course if it was health related that’s a different story - There are situations where it can’t be helped!

Even if I one day got fed up & decided to quit the game! (It would be Atlas related :rage::joy:) I don’t see how any leader can just walk away one day without notice!

There’s 49 other players who count on you, put money & time into this, some of them put a lot of both!
And have chose to stay with you on your team through all the good & bad for months & months, some ppl years! You grow bonds/relationships over time even without trying but you just walk away leaving the team in Chaos?!?

Most people join a team early on, grow with that team and do not even consider leaving for another team!
The other kind of people I could care less for :roll_eyes:
But yeah the first kind of people I couldn’t imagine putting them in that situation! Because honestly I don’t even think the game would be as fun without your team/members with you! At least for me it wouldn’t be if I just jumped on and joined some random team!
Lots of people will be on a team for a long time just to jump to another and then another but I can never understand those people! I think a lot of them probably suffer from reactive attachment disorders :grimacing:

If a leader is to leave especially a very active, established team he should make sure everyone is aware of the decision ahead of time and personally appoint the next leader/Officers because he should know the members better then another and that way others also know how it’s all going to play out so they can decide to continue with the team or move on too.


Thank you everyone for your reply. It is much appreciated and helps clarify things.

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