Leader needed; gold 1

My life has gotten increasingly busy and I don’t have the time to lead a team like I used to. I’m still a very active player but need someone to fill the leader role. Team is currently gold 1. Message me in game if interested.



Is there no one on your team that is willing to step up?

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I reached out and nope. No one.

You better not leave us, Dae.

I ain’t leaving the game or team. Just don’t have time to be as involved as a leader right now. Too many years and dollars invested to walk away. And I love the game still.

Oh, I was talking to Dae. But you shouldn’t leave either.

I wont trust strangers if I were u

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Agree with @Ryuu I would not trust some random.

See if your officers can step up and share some of the load.

Or look for a merger opportunity. You might be able to increase team power.


I’ll just stick it out. My officers can’t right now. Team will just be quieter for a while. Thanks.

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Did you find anyone yet

its non atlas, and the members arent really interested in moving to another team or merger. would be a good chance for someone new to try their hand at leading though.

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