Leaderboard Divisions

Dragon Lords,

This week we are soft launching a new feature called Leaderboard Divisions.

Seasons Leaderboards have provided a new dimension of competition for players and provided new ways for players to earn cosmetic prizes. However, we noticed that the top finishers generally all come from the same population of players. To expand the level of competition and ability to earn more prizes, we are introducing Leaderboard Divisions.

Leaderboard divisions follow the same mechanics as seasons leaderboards: players receive seasonal points for earning event points and opening chests and those seasonal points confer prizing at the end of the season. The difference with Leaderboard Divisions is that players will be divided into 100-player “divisions” every season and compete within their division for prizing.

With Leaderboard Divisions, we are aiming to provide an extra level of competition and prize-earning potential for engaged players who may not be able to compete in the broader Seasons Leaderboards.

Since the soft launch is occurring mid-season, prizing for the first Leaderboard Divisions will be currency-based (gold chests, timers) to allow players to become comfortable with the feature. New, more exclusive, prizing will be available in Spring season.

*Please Note: Prizing accumulates every 5 minutes, so if you don’t see points increase immediately after opening chests or obtaining season points, rest assured that they will be counted.

Some screen-caps from our test environment:


What kind of prizes are we actually talking about? Because if it’s on the same scale as Global event ranking then this is a waste of time because those are a huge joke.

Does anyone actually care about the leaderboards? I always get the silver frame portrait and really couldnt care about it any less. Speaking of which, are there still going to be portraits and mythic skins for Leaderboards?

Personally I feel like the effort to do this should be spent on actual improvements that would actually get players more engaged. Like new events, better (actually fun) dragons, better event prizes, fixing issues, ect. This seems unecessary for a feature that people dont really care that much about anyway. Just my opinion.


What is the basis for dividing players into groups of 100 ?

Also did anyone actually ask for this? I certainly didn’t so who actually suggested another leaderboard?

Leaderboards are a joke anyways just seems like another way to ignore your current gameplay related problems why sugarcoat everything with such bland shiny new things if your just going to ignore issue after issue?


I think this change has the potential to be more fair as it grants everyone a higher opportunity to score high.


Isn’t this change a direct target to get more people engaged in competing?

As for me, I enjoy competition and depending on how this goes, I might see myself trying to engage and compete more with this than what we have currently.


My premise to like the change would be “as long as the competition rewards me enough resources.”

But if there won’t be enough, at least in my definition, I probably won’t be more careless about the addition of this leaderboard divisions as I’d just stop at the points that will give me the last achievement.

It’s not, it’s directed at getting people to burn through more resources for what is likely a pittance of rewards. Maybe some of the already highly active people will try a little more but I really doubt this would suddenly get the average player to start burning more of their already highly limited resources just to get a couple gold chests. It’s never really worked before.

Personally I care a thousand times more about fun than competition. I want new events, fun and functional dragons and significant improvements to fixing the economy before I care at all about competition rankings for a handful of scraps. Increasing individual event prizes and dealing with the repetitiveness and boredom is far more likely to get players engaged. This seems more like them trying to cure the plague with chicken noodle soup.


You mean chicken noodle soup doesn’t cure the plague? :scream:


Personally, somewhat indifferent to this. It would depend on the prizes and if we get more than just gold chests.

I know right, who’d a thunk it :exploding_head:


So this was the…

Algodon was talkjng about in Nov? A change in leaderboard and not improving actual event rewards?

Im sorry im kinda a little annoyed about this… Wolf made a good point, no one asked for this. And doom also makes a point, does anyone truly care about leaderboard? This is a way to make tired players that are running cookie crumbs even more tired. This energy could of gone towards other things, one of which should be letting players know when FP is going to be upgraded to match the payout of other events, or at least increase the payout in general.
This energy to create more leaderboards solves nothing when it comes to the bugs and everything relating to this game. And it just kinda sucks all the way around. Players arent being heard, or if we are actions arent being taken, and pg keeps rolling out things that they think players want. Players have already told them what we want…why not start there before adding new things?


Yep. All the issues and suggestions we give them that go ignored and we get this. Another leaderboard. Oh joy.


If only atlas would get this kinda of concerne and be played with separate divisions also!

I guess fair competition for portraits was one spot on top of the priority of to do list.


My division:



I bet I can make it into the top-100 with this new system!


Baby steps, maybe one day lol

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Everyone was waiting for a video of the flights of new dragons, and instead we were presented with the next leaderboard. PG was it really impossible to prepare a video in 6 months of development? It would be better to fix the problems in the atlas, who needs these leaderboards?


I’m excited and happy lol maybe not what was asked for but it’s new and exciting soooooo I’ll take it!


Tbh I think their tricking us again with the whole fact that leaderboards give hunk of junks anyways because they don’t seem to know how to increase rewards!