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I have been leader of a team for over 2 years, so I know how much work goes into it, and I know that the amount of work only increases as the leagues go up. There is a reason we have 6 leadership positions on a team- it’s because it is a major amount of work even when everyone is doing their part.

For 2 years myself and my officers, much like every other team on War Dragons, has kept an environment alive where members thrive, enjoy their time, and willfully spend money to support the cause. (It is all about team pride, after all). As leadership we have kept members playing, supported them through hard times, and kept ourselves at 50 strong through all your unintentional screw ups, intentional unfavorable changes, and general game bugs. In addition to the amount of time we spend IN game, we have an equal amount of work OUTSIDE of the game planning for wars, solving problems, making charts, and now dealing with Atlas. (I cannot tell you how many members we have talked off ledges).

In short PG, “you’re welcome,” for everything that we do to keep your game alive. For all the times that we are taken away from our families and friends to fix a problem, to calm the masses, to grab an alt, or show up for a war hit. My ask is you implement some form of leadership-only (leader and officer) bonuses to your most heavily worked team within the game. While others can say that they have it hard, your leadership teams are owed a great thanks for tending to their own problems and the problems of others. In fact, this would be a great way to “make whole” the group that sometimes cant even fly a dragon for days at a time because we are in crisis mode, or planning for our next move.

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or because you want to help the team :woman_shrugging:


I’m happy with the “thanks Red” and puppy pictures my team sends me. No one makes me lead my team, especially over the past 3 years. I could opt out at any time.


And yet “leading a team” is VERY different from dealing with issues caused by the creator of the game. Its not hard to see that many of our hours are spent on finding solutions to problems not caused by members.

The team leader already get tangible in game rewards as leader.
If they do a good job their Team ranks higher in events and as a team they get better rewards.
If they are a crap leader, they get crap team rewards.

I get where you’re coming from here. I used to lead a 200+ person guild in a major MMO for nearly a decade. It takes a lot of investment of time and energy. At the same time, I did it because I was part of a community and wanted to have a fun experience with my friends. I was never rewarded for it.

We definitely want to find ways to reward our most-active players, but having a reward specifically for team leaders would more likely end up with people creating a ton of tiny teams so they could harvest those rewards.


I used to lead a 30 man guild in another game, master got a big stat boost, 2 others slightly lower (sentinel and champion) and a few slightly lower (high commanders) but the game was based on extremely different parameters than dragons and bases

I am a servent leader that considers it a honor for the mates to follow my leadership and I do so out of a sense of duty and commitment to the welfare of this team that I have been entrusted with. I do not wish to have anything that my mates are not allowed as the bonds between leader and mate are formed in the work and toil that they share together as well as the spoils of victory.
Strong alone, Stronger Together


Never been a leader in this game before, but I’m an officer and I don’t mind the toils that I go through to help out my team. I spend hours each week reviewing bases and helping new members understand our processes. While, sometimes it does feel like I have a second job that revolves around LINE and war dragons, I find it incredibly worthwhile.

One thing about this game that is different from other games where I have been a leader of a group, is that as a leader you don’t have to sacrifice your self growth hardly any to ensure the strength of your team. In one MMORPG game I played eons ago (Billy vs. SNAKEMAN, if you’re curious), if you wanted to lead a team, you had to grind hard and get to a decent “season” so that you could have max levels and be hard to be targeted. You had to halt your player progression for a while, while you’re building the team so that you can get the upgrades you need. Then once you have a established your team you can begin looking at content that doesn’t require you to focus on your team.

TLDR; Be a leader or officer because you wanna help, not because you want a reward of some sort. This game takes some time to be that position, but it doesn’t take away gameplay, it adds to it, IMO.


:point_up_2: This. I’m an on-and-off officer (there are about ten of us that “run” the team) and my main goal is to help my team grow strong and knowledgeable. They’re my friends, and not to sound sappy, but that’s more than enough reward for me.


Exactly. My team is like a virtual family and I want my family to be strong. :muscle:t2:

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My too, just happy with say “Thanks for back me up” lol :smiley:

Having a leadership bonus would detract from the position. People would try to become leaders and officers just to gain the rewards, and not to benefit their fellow teammates. I understand you may want compensation for the time you spend helping your team, but if it truly bothers you, then don’t be a leader.

I have been an officer on two different teams for a combined time of about 6-7 months now, so I have definitely not been in it as much as you have, but to me it is enough reward to be able to help out my team. I would not say we are like a family, because my family will always come first, no matter what. However, we are a tight-knit group of players, and it is just a huge privilege to take part in keeping us together. No in-game bonus can match the thrill when you help lead your team to victory in a tough PvP event or war. There are some things you do for joy of doing them, and not for the remuneration.


Our team fell apart after alot of our big hitters left. One of the founders of the team chose me to become an officer. I was honored. There were many higher leveled players he could have chosen. Yes its a lot of work but its also very rewarding. We work as a team and thats what matters most. I dont need a pat on the back to tell me we are doing a good job. We are still here, we are still fighting, and we are still a family. Thats my reward.


I just try not to scare people away :see_no_evil: not really one to sugarcoat if I’m not actively thinking about it.

Or maybe something that’s inconsequential like thumbs up/stickers that only you see, but that’d be a low on the priority list thing, I would think :see_no_evil:


Slightly off topic but raised by Jared’s comment, I really think there should be some sort of boundaries on people making teams. There are SO many dead teams out there, especially in bronze, because a level 6 can come straight from global chat and make a team while knowing nothing about the game (and promptly stop playing).

Why could this not be a tiered thing throughout the leagues. I guess if people want 10 or 20 extra egg tokens in bronze, great, go for it. But it wont really get them anywhere. No single-person or incomplete teams can survive in upper leagues. I am not suggesting you had out a seasonal dragon or 20 gold chests.

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