League Change - Should Have Been Promoted

Our global ranking is 2280 but we stayed in Gold IV at league change. I thought we would be promoted to Gold III.

Was online and got the pop up stating we stayed in Gold IV.

No wars since PvP started.

Ticket#1132362. Received canned response and asked for escalation.

Were you online at the time of the league change?

Was just about to create a thread for this…

Yes I was and got the pop up message saying we stayed in Gold IV

D1 didn’t shuffle either

:joy: the issue followed by the update 4.21

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I put a ticket in #1132362 but got a canned response. I asked for it to be escalated.

Same here. S1 , S2 didn’t shuffle

Ok. I just wanted to make sure I wasn’t losing my mind. :joy:

Same with us, we should have moved to the next league and didnt. Thats what our lc is talking about too…

Same problem here. Looks like a broad issue. May just be a delay?

Yeah they’re probably picking who gets the next awesome thing that no one else can have so they can test it out.

In the mean time every one gets nothing but problems

My main account was overall rank 237 after event rewards, but we are still in Platinum 1. Should have moved to Sapphire 3. Says 6 days until league shuffle. :thinking:

Did you guys have any wars during the shuffle?

We did not have any wars during the shuffle.

No wars since the PVP started here.

@PGJared , @PgEggToken any coments on when it will be corrected?


We also didn’t get promoted (though we should have) - Team is Lavadragons.

When I clicked on the League icon, I got the generic message about not being promoted this week.

Fantastic now we’re not Platinum ranked, so whenever PG finally switches leagues all that hard work to get enough wars done before the PvP to move up is wasted

PG please get your crap together, get it all one in place and fix it so it’s not f*cked

Same here. We were supposed to be promoted as well and we didn’t. I put in a ticket with pics to boot. We have two wars and both are in the same league we were in.