League chat freezing game issue

With no exaggeration, on average I have to restart War Dragons about 25-30 Times a day because it freezes when I open League Chat. Every so often it will happen during other chats but league chat freezes the game about 75% of the time. Playing on an iPhone 6 Plus, with current iOS. Anyone else having issues?

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My iPhone 6 plus does the same exact thing.

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11.0.3 or 11.1.2? Though that second one is yours. Also, do you have a perch rider? Daltwo mentioned in another thread that removing it fixed his lag issues on the main base, though that’s on Android. Or is league chat still bad in Atlas too?

11.1.2 , that second post is also mine.

Thus far into Capture the Flag approximately 40% of my energy has been wasted due to the game freezing, how is it going for you? Im approaching the unbearable point of not being able to accomplish anything without a major haeadache or waste of time. Please look into this PG…

You most likely need (and want) to upgrade to iOS 11.2. I had all kinds of issues until I did.

And after upgradig you likely will need to reinstall the game to avoid issues caused by running the previous version.

I haven’t had any issues since 11.2 after reinstalling the game.

change your graphic to medium, that’s how I fix mine on my 6+, it used to freezes not only the game but also the whole phone. but now it is quite smooth.

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My 6+ is on lowest graphics possible. I gave up trying to play that device though and cut back.

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Ive noticed a chat lag when im on my iPhone. No chats will show any of the new comments at random unless i turn my wifi off and back on again. This may be a problem with my phone tho as it never happens with my ipad which isn’t cellular.

Anyone know if this is related or has been discussed before?

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Having the same issues… gets stuck in loading. And customer service wants me to screenshot it for them?! Mainly happens when an event starts.its getting frustrating to do these events. :frowning:


Same here…

I upgraded yesterday to iOS 11.2.1 and it made things drastically worse, I can barely load a battle in the event. If it loads i have a 30% chance of making it through without a freeze. Perhaps I will try to reinstall, if that’s dosent work then this game I’ll be have to be over for me. Just this message alone took 5 minutes to write because the keyboard lag is so horrendous.

Yuck! You have keyboard lag in safari? Or do you access the forums from within the game?

Going back to iOS 9, I’ve always had terrible keyboard lag in game. I never complained because other games I play have the same issue.

I have been avoiding 11.2.1. It seems so delicate and it’s working so well right now. It appears to just be a security patch to 11.2.0.

iOS 11 mostly added in multi-threaded capabilities. So you might check for any settings on your device that do stuff in the background. (Download/sync/location services/etc)

Also if you have any apps installed that are not 64-bit, you may want to consider removing/updating them. (Settings > General > About > Applications)

A reinstall fixed a ton of issues for me. The most frustrating being with event lag and missing packs to buy.

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Thank you for the help.:pray: I will try some of your tips over the next few days and get back to this thread about how it went. I access the forums through the game thus the keyboard lag being horrendous.

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This helped a tiny bit, or maybe it’s just mental at this point?? Thank you for the tip although I feel like I’m playing Mario 64 now :joy:


5S here. Done everything support told me to. No difference whatsoever.

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