League Chat in scroller and most recent chat default recommendations



I brought this up on the old forums, figured I’d bring it up here too.

Can we please have the option of turning League Chat off so it doesn’t scroll across the bottom of the screen mixed in with Team Chat and Group Chats?

I get that some players are active in LC. I am as well, sometimes, depending on the “mood”of the league. If the talk is about nothing other than genitalia sizes and the like, yeah, I ignore that nonsense. There really is no need for it to scroll across the bottom of my screen.

And while you are at it, is it possible to have your chat default to Team Chat? I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve typed something in LC thinking I was in TC, especially after a battle. It seems the game defaults to the chat that has the most recent chat in it. Very annoying.

Thoughts? And thanks - not criticizing anyone’s conversations or approving or disapproving of anything, just stating how annoying it is. Thanks.


Yes please!


Amen to this one hundred times over.


I agree with that.

The chat defaults to LC only if you chat during a run. If you dont chat it stays where you last were talking.


Yes but I enjoy chatting during runs, especially flashing butt emojis :peach:


I often have issues with the minimised chat window showing the oldest messages and not the newest. Like it’s struggling to update.


I’d love a block league chat


I give a BIG a thumbs up​:+1::+1::+1:to that suggestion!


Some prime examples of why I want LC removed from my scroller. Names removed to protect the guilty.


So yeah, either find a way to police this nonsense or allow me to not have LC in the scroller.



Oh, and this is fairly tame in comparison to the usual nonsense. Figured I’d post the mild stuff and not the really offensive stuff.


Thanks for the suggestion! For now I suggest reporting offending chats so our team can review them.


I’d never get to play the game. Ever. Times 100.


This kind of chat is so widespread you could report it 100 times per day. It seems to me nothing ever gets done. PG would be working on it 24/7. Tbh I’ve given up reporting now. It seems pointless. But I would like it to disappear from the scroller. Really how hard is that? If people want to talk like that they can choose to go to LC and participate but I shouldn’t have it in my face when all I’m trying to do is talk to my team.


What Jonesy says. I’d have to spend all day reporting, rather than playing. Why can’t PG do the simple fix and turn LC off? Let those who want to go there click the LC tab button. I am so tired of seeing this crap scroll across the bottom of my screen, and what’s posted above is mild in comparison of many posts. And I hate that LC is the default when I log on, and after every chat.


Oh, and it will only let you report an offensive chat from a player once. So if a player is going off, you can only report them one time. And you don’t find that out until AFTER you have typed a reason for reporting.

The reporting system is broken. You should be able to report each and every offensive line.


PG doesn’t just ban a person because they are rude.

Most game company do a temporary chat ban to inappropriate player and then it increases the more this player gets reported. However, if the message was so severe like real life threat (actual threat not just twisting words to make it seem like a real life threat). then at most, permanent will be given.

I think I understand that we as a player want instant action and ban that person, but just because a person just said “fxxx you” doesn’t mean that they should be banned. Others provoke another player and then report them because they said what they wanted to hear (i did this in the past by just answering sarcastically when they become toxic at one game on a moba game)

but yeah, like what Jared said, report it whenever you see and once they review it, they can take action. just don’t expect a permanent game account ban because they said those unless its going to become a real life physical abuse or threat.


i think they can see the messages that the player has sent when it is reported. so that one line that you reported? they might see all the message that player sent within the past hour or so until it satisfies the investigation.


You obviously do not realize exactly how graphic and offensive LC gets.

And if the same players are there, talking the same trash, day after day, even after you report them for some pretty severe and illegal stuff…then why bother reporting.

Right now, I have a LC scrolling across the bottom of my screen that started talking about girth and width, progressed to sexual positions, moved onto YouTubing certain practices, and is now talking about the best blowjob techniques. I tried reporting the offending players. Most were denied, after I had already typed a reason for the report, because they had already been reported…


But can support see that? Or is it just the reported line of chat? @PGJared