League Chat Reshuffling Every Week SUCKS



I would like for teams to be shuffled weekly only if they change subleagues, and then shuffle teams who stay in the same subleague biweekly.

  • Some people like recruiting in LC, and this will help recruiters to get to know people for longer. Which helps with convincing recruits to join as well as finding good recruits (sometimes it takes longer to find out what a person is really like).

  • Some people are more introverted and prefer to not have to get to know new people every week.

There are old comments on this topic which can be ignored because they were tangents and they have been dropped. Thus, it is a waste of time to read them. There was also some discussion about how to compromise. The first sentence of this edited post is the new thing we are discussing. So far, no one has commented on it, so you can skip to the comment that says:

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Original post

I hate that the teams in your league chat change every week. If you are staying in the same sub-league, you shouldn’t change LC. This used to be how WD worked. I have two reasons for hating it.

  1. Making friends in LC was the best way to recruit because you actually knew the people and liked them. However, you no longer get to know anyone long enough to be able to recruit them anymore, so it has killed the best way to recruit.

  2. You make friends in LC, and then they are gone. It sucks having to get to know new people every week.

Please go back to the old way of not reshuffling unless you are changing sub-leagues.



On the opposite side, if a team is getting war farmed or anything other that’s negative, the shuffle is the only way to get away from it without dropping (if they can’t rise).

The shuffle keeps things interesting, besides.


You can create group chats to keep friends available to chat… But that would imply we need more history in group chat because losing your history almost every time you get offline is really crippling the fun…


If there was a bully team, the teams in the league got together to push them out (either up or down, which ever was easier). Or the victim team changed leagues and then went back. It is fixable. I wish they could just move the victim or bully team when it happened.

I like to get to know people for longer than a few days before inviting them to a group chat, so I don’t end up with a group chat full of people I barely know. Also, I already have a good bit of group chats (I’m a leader).


Nope. Bullshit. Doesnt happen. I tried, and failed. Sometimes you get stuck in a league with a bunch of pansies that let the “bullying” continue.

I like the shuffle. Keep it coming.


I like the shuffling too. Sometimes you get stuck in a LC where most active teams speak a language you can’t understand, or have delirious, on the edge of vulgarity conversation that you can’t report because it’s not explicit enough or you should report so many people it’s discouraging…


I’ve pushed a bully team out on at least two occasions, so it does work.

PG should make it so people speak the same language in an LC. It is annoying to not be able to understand conversations.

It sounds like the only reason you all like the shuffling is because they don’t group the LC teams together well, and not because you actually like the shuffling. Even with the shuffling, you are still going to encounter these problems. They should group LCs by language and chat atmosphere preference.

PG could create an option for the leader to choose what type of LC chat atmosphere their team wants (nice and friendly or raunchy and bullying). This would be nice even if they didn’t change the shuffling because in either case, you will run into this problem. They should have a report button for teams who are in the wrong type of league (atmosphere), so the admins can force them to join the other league chat type and remove their ability to change it.

I think both types of teams would be happier with an atmosphere preference. The rougher teams complain about people who don’t like their behavior, and the nice teams don’t like it when someone ruins the fun LC atmosphere.


There was a topic on adding an ingame translation that would fix the issue of players not being able to understand other players due to language barriers back in the old forums.


Sadly it seems like this is not on the list of things that PG is working on developing.


Personally I think PG should stay away from selectively moving teams around within subleagues. Would bring up so many arguments about favoritism and upset the balance brought by randomness. Separating ranking league from chat would break down one of the biggest social links between teams. With allowing leader to set a chat preference I can definitely see people picking one where more easygoing teams tend to be and then people behaving as they always have, ie in a way which is potentially unpleasant to you. Also do you think teams which you describe as “bullies” see themselves that way? I’m sure in the vast majority of cases the answer is no


It’s impossible in a more diverse team. What would happen if one guy speaks another language then the whole team has to be placed in the same league that speaks the same as that guy?? It makes no sense to me at all


So you want LC to be separate from where you actually are in rankings?

Yeah, no.


I never said we should always be grouped with the people who speak the same language or think like us. I would absolutely rebel against this kind of league system you propose. We need different points of view, and language or people of different origins. Shuffling must stay random, except for the subleagues, because that’s the only way teams are impartially distributed.

And Red is right, it keeps things interesting. You can meet old allies or foes thanks to the shuffling, and new people too. Just because we don’t understand the language doesn’t mean others on our team don’t understand either, and they can be happy to be asked to keep an eye on the chat in case something big is coming. My preferred language is set on English, that doesn’t mean I only speak English. I speak two languages fluently, and I can understand a bit of a third. This makes me understand lots of things that are unrelated to language. Sometimes shuffling make you discover people that live not far from you, or a world apart. Knowing how different and difficult languages can be, you’d need a human translator for every languages in every 25 team roster which is nonsense and if you’re thinking Google translate is ok that is a terrible idea. This is only good for one word translation, good but not excellent.

Anyway I think those are really bad ideas, and I would certainly run away from the game if it was ever implemented, arguing that the developers of ‘Crooked Gems’ have gone out of their mind. (Which I tell you is not my usual way of thinking, regardless of the mitigated feelings I have towards some of the staff working in support)


Can’t agree. I hated it when you where stuck with the same teams week after week. Always the same wars, always the same outcomes in events; always the same people in LC. Boring.

Imho a week is long enough to recruit people as well. At least I keep in touch with people I liked in a league, and either the contact drops off after a while or not. If anything it’s easier to recruit now, BECAUSE you get to know new people every week.


No, I strongly disagree with many of your sentiments here :rage: There is no problem with our new league structure


If you are bored with a league, war your way up to different league. no problema


I think teams should be moved around based on ranking UNLESS their rank keeps them in the same sub league. That was the main point of this post. The other points were to try to find solutions to the problems that people had with not shuffling.

FYI, I have heard people complain about not understanding LC because of a language barrier MANY times. As @LizDrakemoor mentioned, they had tried to find a solution in the past by proposing an in game translator, but I suspect that turned out too complicated because as @Kardul mentioned, only a human translator would really work.

I agree. I just couldn’t think of a word to describe them. Of course it would be something different.

For that reason, I said this:

My thought was that it would be based on the teams preferred language.

People who prefer the same LC atmosphere and know the same language don’t all have the same view points and come from the same part of the world. I have an international team. They speak multiple languages, have different view points, different countries, etc. Adding a preferred LC atmosphere and having the teams in the same league with other teams with the same preferred language won’t take away diversity. On the contrary, it will allow people of different view points and different cultures to be able to communicate better because we can all understand each other. Sure, there may still be the occasional conversation in another language because some people are multilingual, but it will decrease it and allow for people to ask what’s going on and get an answer because everyone will understand the preferred LC language. Also, if you have someone who doesn’t speak your teams preferred language on your team, how are you communicating to them? And wouldn’t they be happier in a team that they can understand?

You can still meet old friends and foes this way as well as new people. The shuffling every week will happen, but not within subleagues. You will just get to keep some of the same people.

But doesn’t it feel good to beat the people who have beat you in events and wars in the past? Another reason I like staying in the same LC is because you can make alliances with other teams and help each other out in events, which makes things more interesting. Also, with the sub leagues instead of just leagues, people will still move LCs more often than they did with leagues, so things won’t stay as stale as they used to. Also, it will be easier to change LCs now that there are sub leagues, if you want out of your LC.

How long are you able to keep these players that you recruit after knowing them for less than a week? If they can be convinced to leave their team in just a week, they can be convinced to leave YOUR team easily too. With the new sub league structure, you would still meet plenty of new people because it is now easier to move between sub leagues than it was between leagues. You just get to know some others a bit better because they stick around for longer.

I am trying to find a solution to make everyone happier in LC. I have heard complaints about the shuffling, I have heard complaints about not understanding the language in LC, and I have heard complaints about bullies and cry babies in LC. If anyone can think of a better solution to ALL these problems, please let me know. This is the best I could come up with on my own.

Also, not everyone is an extrovert and loves to meet new people all the time. Please try to keep them in mind as well.


You are seriously suggesting segregation of leagues based off language?? You realize it is 2017 right? Not 1950 when suggestions like that were acceptable.

If you are so concerned that you don’t understand LC then take the time to learn a new language or use Google translate which will roughly translate screenshots.

It is not your right to force other people away from you simply because you don’t understand their language. You have to wait a week until league shuffle happens again and hopefully you will be in a different league. Make sure your rank is far enough away from theirs that you are guaranteed to be in a different sub-league. I am sure they would appreciate it too.

I am trying to keep this response civil but you are making it extremely difficult.

FYI: Just because you heard people complain about the language barrier in LC does not make those complaints are vaild. Smh


That goes back to my first point that I think PG should stay out of selectively moving teams. It would be moving too close to blatant censorship for my liking. I like being able to say what I want and that does come with its downsides. Also I just don’t particularly feel like having my chat restricted because I like things rough :woman_shrugging:t2:

It’s difficult to find a solution for this and it’s impossible to make everyone happy. That’s part of why I prefer the random. No choices involved. No people making decisions. Nobody MADE you go into a certain LC, it’s just luck of the draw. It’s impartial


@Shimo I can see how it would seem like that, but in the rougher LC, you wouldn’t be censored. Also, it is less likely that people might report you. Idk if people would be less likely to retaliate in other ways or not as well. :woman_shrugging:t3: And you are right, this is tough to find a good solution on. I think the best way (at least for the near future) would be to war your way up or down (because my real objective is just to stop the annoying weekly shuffle).

@FlashingRed It wasn’t meant to segregate people. As I said, the LC would still be diverse with people who spoke different languages, had different cultures, come from different countries, etc. I will comment some more about your post at the end of this post.

To be honest, I mostly just care about the weekly shuffle EVEN if you stay in the same sub league. Can we just stick to that please? Myself and others don’t like it. I want them to not change your LC if you are staying in the same sub league. Not everyone likes having to get to know new people every single week. I don’t think the weekly shuffle should be the answer to people who are upset or bored with their LC. With the new sub league structure, it’s easier to switch LCs, so just war up or down to move.

Back to FlashingRed’s post:

You word your comments as if you think I’m disgusted with people who speak different languages. First off, I never had a problem with it personally even when the leagues didn’t reshuffle every week. Secondly, I don’t want to get them away from me.

Just because people would like to be able to understand a conversation doesn’t make them a bad person. Now, if they got angry or hated the person for speaking that language, then yes, they are a bad person. Wanting to understand things is a rather human reaction, not an evil one. Example: I’ve traveled to foreign countries. I’ve loved those countries and their people, but it would have been nice if I could have communicated with them more to learn about their culture (and how to get places lol). And translating devices can only get you so far in the real world and in this game.

I’ve tried google translate when I was in a LC with mostly Russians. While the app came up with some entertaining translations, it didn’t help much with understanding LC.

It would be nice if you didn’t assume that anyone who wants to understand LC is a horrible person, and since in game translators would be difficult as well as not accurate (like the out of game translators) this was the only solution I could think of to allow people to understand LC. For most of the people I’ve talked to, it seems like they want to talk to people no matter their first language, country, race, religion, etc. (as long as none of them bring up politics lol). They just want to talk.


If the rough leage is where all the people who are being reported are going then I don’t want to be there either. Moving certain teams in and of itself is a form of censorship, being able to say what I want but only in a certain place certainly does not mean I’m not being censored. If people get forced in there I see any perceived “bullying” getting worse. Chat screenshots tend to get around and talking shit behind someone’s back often results in more retaliation than if said shit talk was in plain view. And if teams that will fight back are with other like-minded teams well, you might just have a party. And I definitely see teams who enjoy more hardcore gaming but aren’t big on trash talk getting reported. That’s more the category I fall under, actually. Do these teams get put in a different subleague in terms of wars and events? If so, that’s selectively interfering with game balance. If not, there’s still gonna be complaints. The only difference being people won’t be seeing what others say about them firsthand. It will be by gossip and screenshots of parts of conversations. As I said earlier that’s not good if you don’t want farming and drama

Basically what I see is this: attempts to try and group people will still result in problems but now someone is to blame for it