League rating points

Can we please see minimum rating points for each subleague?
Based on rank listed in game.

You can see that on the trophy … league tab

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That’s rank. Rating points determine rank but are a separate number. Seeing the current rating point cutoffs would be nice. :slight_smile:

(Rating point cutoffs change weekly.)


That’s a moving target, doubt that would happen.

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So’s global team rank, but they show that. :smiley: You just query the points of the teams in the various cutoff positions: rank 25, rank 26, rank 50, rank 51, etc.

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How do you know who is at 26 and below?

We don’t, but the game does. By a simple query (team name is not necessary), it can show the rating points too.

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How do you query in-game who is ranked 52?


The game has already known the rank of each team.

If they use a relational table, a simple JOIN will do. Else, in-app indexing may do the job as well.


I know it’s English but I have no idea what it means


Sorry. What I mean as JOIN is a reserved word from querying language (SQL), not a proper English :sweat_smile:


You can manually check that now - just takes time

If OrcaFrost’s response wasn’t clear enough… What you can do as a player in the game is not important at all. Now what’s important, is what information is available to the software developer(s). It is extremely likely that team information is stored in a table in a database. Think of it as a more complicated version of excel. All they do is sort by rank, and see what the team rank is for the team at whatever (nth place). That is not a difficult thing at all for any competent developer, so it shouldn’t take much time or be very hard to do, IF PG WANTED.

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