League restructure and scaling

Hi everyone,

If we fly over topics on this forum there are many instances which point towards following issues:
- uneven playing field across mostly lower leagues
- saph/garnet wall
- resource transfer scaling

I’d like to propose:

1. to scale egg token missions payouts in accord to builder hut level
2.1 to remind oneself of the league restructure proposal made by @TheRedDelilah
2.2 to tend to each league’s needs in team rewards.
3. to increase transfer rates for lumber/food

In detail…

  • Egg token mission payouts stay untouched no matter what tier the player is in while the demand sharply differs. Someone in green should feel a sense of accomplishment saving up 27k for Ettin as much as someone who manages to save up 244k for Icicle.
    Not crunching numbers here, scaling is long overdue, neither green nor gold tier are endgame anymore.
    Scaling in accord to builder hut level is most accurate and would come a long way.

  • As of now only half of Red’s proposal is in action with major flaws still in place. Team rewards don’t differ within each sub-league which leads to sandbagging. To give an example S1 worthy teams have little to no reason to not stay in S3. Daily egg token payouts are not enough to convey proper incentive.

  • We have had and still have many larger accounts in lower leagues with many players dropping down for easy rewards. Scaling individual rewards would lead to increased competition, less sandbagging teams/players and in the end, a friendlier environment for newer players in lower leagues. It would further open up the opportunity to tend to different needs in each and every league (like more hammers and no boosts in Diamond). Capping/lowering reward tiers per league and sub-league would be most effective, the major drawback of this, however, would be loyal long time team mates (and spenders) in lower tier teams being forced to leave. This is sensitive and a yet important topic.

  • Same thought as above but with another and probably better approach would to leave individual rewards as they are but to scale points in PvP events per league and sub-league. This way larger accounts in lower leagues would be able to still rank in some decent rewards with reasonable drawbacks whereas Diamond fliers would be properly rewarded for taking down defended 300+ bases costing a lot more time, nerves, boosts and pots.

  • Not much to say here. New tier lizards take 1.7M food and more to level while max transfer rate is at 690k per serve. This needs to change

In summary I’d like to bump up these following suggestions:
- Egg mission payouts scaling with current builder hut level
- Scale team rewards not only per league but per sub-league as well (Red’s proposal)
- Adjusting points in PvP per league and sub-league
- Adjusting team reward structure per league.
- Adjust transfer rates for resources

Any thoughts welcome…



Yes sub league prizes are well overdue

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I support this thread

Issues: High level players in Gold


They should knock a few tiers off the individual prizes in the lower leagues. Only people it will hurt are the 300s and 400s in gold, normal low level players rising up the ranks wont really reach more then the 425/450 sigil prizes so they won’t be affected

Edit: scaling the prizes will hurt low level players the most and they have already enough issues in Gold as it is

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I support this thread there are some (more than some really) major issues PG is ignoring that they should know about hopefully someone from PG will notice this thread

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So one week passed so far. @Warlord Do you know whether anything above is in the pipeline? PG told us months and months ago ‘they’d be looking at it’.

We addressed it also and it’s in the works.

However, no details yet but I think we are all looking in the same direction.

Let’s see what PG will introduce.


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