Learning new bases


@PGDave Just a question that might have gotten overlooked. So, the bases in Atlas feel completely different than the ones in the core game, you have invader but that is a mageless xp base. How are people supposed to get used to these new bases considering the only way is to attacking each other using ships, which are ultra valuable? Any ideas?


For now, if you want to practice against tough bases, you might coordinate with allies – if you send a 1-troop Fighter over and attack something big, you can practice attacking without any meaningful troop losses (probably just the 1 troop).


I see the thinking in this BUT…that means you have to reload with one troop every time…getting anywhere is like a 3 hour ordeal so one run/3 hours considering you used to just be able to click “attack” is a bit of a struggle.


And you have to resummon your primarch… another 12 hours, unless you just run your fighter, which is 10 minutes.


If someone constantly sends 1 Troop primes to me I will take it personal. Its a form of griefing since i have to defend full out not knowing how much skin is in the game.

So fair warning.


Why can’t you keep the map as the regular one? No 3d stuff. It’s confusing enough in beta already. Do u know that there are some trees that block the view of the towers and make you miss it (only realize it’s there when you get hit?


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