LeaugeofSouls is potentially hiring!


Time Zone:it’s 5oclock somewhere
Played time:only a few hours today
Age Range: 18+ or it could get ugly
Elite Account?:wut
Dragon Roster Includes:dragons
Highest Lineage Dragon:send nudes, we might not ask

LeaugeofSouls S1
we have stuff and things. Maybe you want to use some of our stuff, we might need your things.
Don’t send me messages, I’m not in charge. It’s a baffling oversight soon to be corrected I’m sure. Just apply but don’t tell them you know me for best results


Now if only your in game skills were as good as your video editing skills :wink:

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Ooooooh. Pretty :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Like I could make that, it’s one of those CF people… @BeledinesSoul

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Have them make you another or edit that one

Only a little bit of time to get in on this exclusive offer
We just got our bonus timers from the atlas season…

If I still played I could re-edit this and update it with new footage :sob::sob::sob:

It’s so out of date, but still I love it.


How much longer till you can pick your smartphone up again? I miss your random videos. The please don’t unsand video is by far my favorite though :joy:

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You dont play anymore?? I’m not on you’re guys team but I still loved your YouTube videos /:

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I will consider it :smiling_imp:

The scroll-free year will be up in February 2020, but honestly I’m not sure I will ever pick up a smartphone again. I’ve seen a 1000% increase in my productivity and I’m a lot less stressed out without it. (That’s not to say I’m not stressed at all – I am, all the time – but the phone was contributing a lot to my anxiety lol.) However, if anything ropes me back in, it would probably be this game :joy::rofl:

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Sadly I do not play anymore, BUT! I do have one other song that was unreleased, that I never got around to mastering and editing together. If I ever get a free moment in my life, I’m dabbling with finishing it and taking whatever game footage I have left over and making another music video :wink::smiling_imp:


Lol looking at my last comment made me laugh at my incorrect use of “you’re”
And that’s awesome!! I’m very happy for you and I wish you goodluck in the remaining months, especially if you get that big money prize at the end :slight_smile:

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Thank you! It’s all going really well so far. Fingers crossed it continues smoothly :wink:

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