Leaving a team to lose fewer war points (the new "Airplane Mode")

Exploiting the games point counting conventions should be considered cheating and amended in such a manner that;

IF > 100% of a players on a team leaves during a war and rejoins the same team
THEN a flag should be thrown to PG developer staff and all members should be account banned because they are all complicit in coordinated cheating AND the team name should be banned.
ElseIF > 50% of players on a team leaves during a war and rejoins the same team that team should be dropped to gold tier

This is a current trend I’m seeing here in Diamond (I & II) the most recent team to do it is 1sTR.

If anyone with PG is interested I can provide full screen captures and names.


What is accomplished by them leaving their team and rejoining? Doesn’t that give you 250 flames?

They lose less points than if they had fought.

I’ve experienced only 2 wars in which teams disbanded in the middle of war and left just a few players behind and we got +8 egg tokensfor it yet they had 49 or 50 at the start.

I’m guessing that you guys receive no def points for the auto-five flame?

Edit: I thought this was to win the war, but it was to throw it - still bad, as it could be used in that way.

yeah these guys just had their entire team of 50 players leave the team and rejoin. Thereby, instead of going to Sapphire they were able to move up to Diamond I, with league change.

I’d assume it works much the same as disbanding since they can’t contribute upon returning.

They can still get their five flames upon returning, so the other team may 250 but said other team will be stuck at 0 def points.

I’ve never seen people come straight back. I’ve only ever seen the 2 teams implode. @HotFingaz what was the final tokens your team won for the war victory?

It was 5 tokens. I’m in same team as hot…

Thanks bro, you answered faster than it took me to look it up.

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We got 5 tokens and 13 league points when we would have got hundreds of tokens and at least 20 league points since at the current time they were almost even with us in league

That’s what I thought. It goes to show you when you take away one way to get around the rules, they find another way.

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I’m waiting for the “it’s strategy” arguments to begin…


You’ll never have a fool proof game. It’s really all about how things are handled when they are found to be getting exploited.

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Sorry that happened. Costs the 2 mil medals to declare for it to be for nothing. Let alone the work your team puts in.

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As long as no one flys Hau , bc then it’s cheating


I know someone complained that they received less team rating than what they see.

The answer to that is that they received a lot of wars.

What if 1sTR received like 20 wars on your league? That could be the reason why you only got fewer team rating.

Try to imagine if your team was declared by 20 teams and you will lose like 20 rating each, that’s 400 ratings lost.

so from Diamond II, you could fall down until like platinum in 1 go.

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However, rather than dealing with “What if’s” this team actually moved up to Diamond I, from Diamond II.

I’ve lost 6 or 7 in one day (product of climbing to fast) and ratings never changed. Ratings are different than egg dispersal. You can keep losing ratings and if you go from Plat1 to gold 1 oh well. I think getting promoted to a higher league and only giving up +5 egg tokens conflict with each other.