Leaving atlas to return to regular WD goes to a black screen everytime

I have 3 accounts and its happening on all 3! Everytime i try to exit atlas to return to regular wd it goes to a black screen. You have to restart game unless there happens to be a defense or attack invite that u can join cuz that will save you from having to restart.

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It seems like their pack promo page is having issues. If your phone has a back button of some sort, it might clear it out.

happens to me too but not quite everytime leaving atlas. very annoying. along with the primarchs being jammed at times too.

This same issue happens to me on PvP events in regular WD. Try to exit it to go back and you get a dead black screen. It has been happening to me on PvP events for over a year and its SUPER fricking annoying.

However I have noticed that it ONLY happens on my Droid Turbo 2. On my Moto G4 it does not happen. Some kind of a bug which is affected by your specific device.

I experience a similar issue with my Samsung Tab: when leaving the event screen in PvP the red X stays in the corner, the event page background is semi-transparent and that’s it. Nothing works, but force closing the game.

We all know that WD and Samsung don’t get along well…

Same issue for me. I just hit the android back button and it clears it

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