Leaving the Game - Not a Call Out but a Call for Help

@PGCarlos @PGTimber I want to draw Pocket Gems attention to some teams our community has lost and what we and PG as partners can do to stop this trend.

  1. Dreadnought
  2. DragonForce101
  3. PyroKings
  4. TantricAlchemy
  5. Forb1dden
  6. Servatoris
  7. Yellowfields
  8. TopgunTG
  9. EmpireofEvil
  10. KhaosAvenged
  11. Equilibrium
  12. DigitalChaos
  13. MufufuxJpn
  14. PyroFamily
  15. Rulith
  16. ScalesofWar
  17. LethalDescent
  18. I776
  19. Mem0ries
  20. NaturesWrath
  21. Gryfindor
  22. 0DragonGods0
  23. HexLords
  24. TrueValar
  25. Outlaws

Feel free to add any teams I’m missing. Yes, I realize that not all of these teams are “closed” per se, but with 3-4 players and the team rank low or inactive, they may as well be.

These weren’t terrible teams. Most of these teams were sapphire and diamond teams with all their perks. I have no doubt they made up a huge portion of the game’s revenue stream.

How do we fix it?
A. What do you like about the game?
B. What would you keep in the game?
C. What would you remove from the game?
D. What do you think PG can do to stop this trend?

One suggestion I have is implementing a global chat combining all active teams (perhaps broken down by language). Community and chatting is a huge draw to players, however a lot of leagues have no chatter at all, players become isolated and lose interest.


A few other teams which have completely disbanded:

00psSoRRy, 0ShadowSlayers, 0xTMCx0, AboveAllOthers, AdamantForce, AdamantxForce, AlbertaUnbound, AlphaRising, AlphaSchool, ALVIONLORDS, AmisUnited, Ancientheart, Ange1sDragons, AngeliNeri, AnimusLegion, ARABKSA, ArchDevilz, ArmyofHagrid, ArmyOfMayhem, ArmyOfTheDead, Arvidia, AsgardRealm, AuraDragons, BackDownNever, BahamutFadas, BandeDeWolfs, BandOfMisfits, BigDaamnHeroes, BL00DDRAGONS, BLDLVE, BlitzGrindCrew, BloodAndHonor2, BLOODofaLION, BLueDragonkill, BlueReapers, BordoBereliler, Bowhunters, BoZKuRTLAR1453, BOZOKLAR, BRUTALISitalia, CareFactorZero, CastleKeep, CastleMeadow, CCCoD, ChillBacken, ChixNDix, Chucksworld3, ChudoYudo2015, Cinchnthing2, ColossusNocte, Concilium, CursedSeas, CzechAndSlovak, D3SCENTS, Dailystackgng, DanGerEvils, DaPhoenixWolf, DarkAngels100, DarkdragonsITA, DarkRedFyre, DarkRuban, DarkWingKings, DeadlyChaos, DeathByPhoenix, DeathDealr1SGT, DemonDeciples, DemonDogz, DemonDragons, DEMONSnANGELS, DeutscheGilde, DEVASTAD0RES, DevilCatXX, DieBeforeNight, DigitalChaos, DILL1GAF, DK50, DrachenHome, Drachentempel1, DracoGuardians, DraconemIgnis, DragoDeezNutz, DragonAlli2, DragonBrewers, DragonLairIE, DragonOfChaos1, DRAGONphoenixx, DragonRage927, DragonReapers5, DRAGONREBELZ, DragonsGang, DragonsItalia, Dragonspike975, Dragonspys, Dragonsquad11, DragonsStones, DrakonOlympos, DrakonxSoldier, DreamersDream, DSpeeps, DumSpiro, DystopianDrags, Edafos, EffinPirates, EFSANELER, EinTeam, Elparaiso, EmpireOfAshes, EndNBeginning, EpicStyle, EptaThalassa, EternaIShadows, EvolutionXXI, EZGOIN, FacelessRU, FeedUs, FHAGS, Fiercelings, FiftyMonsters, FLAMESndFIRE, FlyEaglesFly18, FoodiesForce, Forb1dden, FortunePhoenix, Fr0mTheAshes, Freedomrings, FrenchFamily, FrenchLand, FrigginRiggin, GencTurkler, GermanDrachen, GermanOutlaws, GlaurungsGhost, GODSnDRAGONS, GOTTSUANDESU, gxRIDIAMxg, HakaiRujin, HinomaruBNT, Hitmen4Hire, Holyblades2, HoneyBadgerDen, HUNGRY4KAOS15, IcePheonix, IMPERIOxMITICO, Imsane, IndoFreedom, Infernalchaos, Infinity, INMORTALES, InselWelt, INTOCCABILI, InvictaSanguis, ITALIAOSCURA, JaBBerw0ckee, JawsOfDragons, KafalarBROKEN, Kaliyanag, Karn4ge, KASW12, Khaleesikillas, KhaosCrew, KnightsOfHell, KsaBros, LaFamilleDingo, LastLite, latinteam, LeagueofSouls, LecheryCitadel, LegendaRus, LesVolturis, LethalWarriors, LightKnights, LightTaiwan, LordsofDragon, LordsofWar1000, LoveInTheSky, LuNaAlphaWoLvE, LycanLegion, Madborne, Madden2121, MaidensOfChaos, MaisondeBond, MaliciousNtent, Manyaklar, MastersOfChaos, MATTIC0LB0TT0, MechthildWE, MechthildWE2, MemorieSIII, Merkabah, Mileniumbr, Minionsreadey, MisfitBrigade, MOHACTbIPb, MonkeyClowns, MurderNovas, myINDIA1, myINDIA2, MyKhalasar, MysticDragunz3, MythicHunters, MyximsInsel, NagaExpress, NASTYPHOENIX, NastyWolfPack, NewERAru, NewProphecy, NextDream, NightCreatures, NINJASREVENGE, NinjasTeamBr, NorthernWind, NoS1mpathy, NotAmused, OdinsWaechter, OlympusFury, OmegerSquad, OnComingStorrm, Ontario2016, OnThePaleHorse, OpenShot, OrmrsShadow, OSM4NLI, OutoftheAshes, PalinGenesis, PeaceNLove, PersimmonSeed, PheonixArises, PhoenixDragons, PhoenixJapan, PhoenixOfAshes, PhoenixReturns, PinoysPride, PLGD, PowerfulPookas, provingground, PvtSwingParty, Pyromancers, R0manEmpireR0, RagexofxKings, RebelsNursery, RebornByFire, Redemption4all, RedWhiteGreen, ReignOfHavok, RElGNofFIRE, Renegades, RevengeandWar, RisingAbove, roadrunner4545, RogueWaltons, RoyalMFChaos, Ruathaweyr, RussiaRF, SadSacks, SaiyanRiders, SaphireShadows, ShadowDj1nn, shadowfighters, ShadowLeague, ShadowRiders, ShankzNSpankz, ShookONES, Sidewinders, SilentReign, SILMARILLION, SnowTigers, SpanishReino, StillAliveX, Streetfighters, Sturmklingen, SudnDreams, SudTiRakt, Sugarglidar, SwissComRaid, TaiWanStar, TARAIT, TATOLLYnewWOLD, Taveren, TeaCoffee, TelgarWeyr, Terrorofthesky, the2ndchance, TheAwakened, Thebros, Thedemosqaud, TheDevilsCreed, TheDragonHeart, TheDragonsDen, TheEvilEmpire, theEXPERIMENT, TheLongRoad, TheMinions, TheNewSnakePit, TheWetLands, TheWindRiders, THExNUTZ, TinkerAngels, Titanfall57, TitansBR, TRisingPhoenix, TURKLER1071, UnitedSouls, UragiriOmusubi, UYANIS1071, ViciousOutcast, WAGERSRAIDERS, WarRus161, WhoGiveDragon2, WildGermanRide, WingsOfCute, WolfRuss, wolfslair, Worldwill, WorldWill, WrinkleRanch, xBlackANGELSx, XDragonsCreedX, xDRAGONSTORMx, xGermanVirusx, xImladrisx, XknightridersX, xNebelkraehen, xNIGHTFURIESx, xPARTxTIMEx, XromaniaTeamX, xSithLordsDKx, XThulsaDoomX, xWarLORDSx, XxAmonLegionxX, XxBloodyMaryxX, xXConquerersXx, XxPaYiTaHTxX, xXSuicideSquad, XxTheAsyllumxX, XxWalhallaxX, XxxEROIxxX, YellowFields, YILDIZKUSAGI, youcan, YouthIndia, ZelDragonking, ZensCastle, 1DarkDragon, 1malaysia, 1WarriorLushes, 2Dumb2Quit, 2Much4U2Take, 2WarriorLushes, 3CrownPho3nix, 007Dragonwar, 7thCircle, 13Dragons, 13StarGazers, 50Musketeers, 50ShadesofFire, 100Entspannend, 100Entspannung, 100LIMITES


Really, are you leaving the game or drawing attention to the teams which crashed? Damn I’ll miss you @Elle

I personally have LC muted because specially D1 is very toxic and certain people in certain teams seem to have too big balls and too much testosterone to have friendly and mannered conversations.

Also: of course many teams “failed” by simply not adopting to a new world fast enough - there is a reason why formally little teams enter Diamond league now and hold many castles in Atlas. So no doubt it has something to do with management.


I don’t think thats the whole picture. In the end it’s quiet simple to see: WD is a reflection of the real world: accumulation of assets dominated by a few (who also - if being under their mercy- decide who will grow and be allowed to hold which assets) versus a big mass of teams struggling for pretty much everything.

Power attracts power so the strong get stronger and rest is left behind. Not blaming or calling out anyone, just sharing my observation. Or in other words: many of those teams being in your list are victims to ingame politics.


I had no idea the list was this big…What even happened?


You know they will have to drag my cold dead corpse out Sax. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::kissing_heart:

I’m sure a lot of it is politics and a lot is what Sax said. But for me, I think a lot of players get burned out by the chores that have stacked up. Grind tokens, grind troops, grind gold runs… it’s like being at Satin Dolls, grinding all over the damn place. (If you know, you know :smirk:).


I was going to blame it on the class inequality but there is something more than that and yes it’s most likely burn out and PG refusing to do the right thing. Wouldn’t you get tired of a company if it refused to do the right thing?

Elle :kissing_heart:


SummerK you sexy thing :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::kissing_heart::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Some of these teams were created and closed quite quickly, I guess Elle was referring to teams that played and contributed a lot to the game.


Wasting your time….but whatevs

Teams disband because they exist.

This is a constant in gaming. In larger games with much larger communities, with smaller membership requirements, fewer barriers to entry, and even sometimes sponsors, it’s normal to see a few teams disband or reorganize every few months. It tends to spike after major competitions or tournaments.

WD teams disband when the management decides it’s no longer worth their time to keep going. This should never be a surprising decision. It’s work. The only reasons to do it are ego (sad) or if you really like your team (good).

WD’s problem is more that there are high barriers to entry for replacing losses. You have to get together 49 players of the appropriate level and find a chump willing to lead them, and recruiting and politics make the chump’s job harder. But these remain problems if teams disband or don’t. It’s why teams with can remain diamond fixtures for years despite having leaders who barely understand the game or how to use a semicolon without stabbing themselves.


Fortunately, WD now has a heroic figure who is redistributing the wealth daily, several thousand lumber at a time.


Long live Concilium!!!


This causing me tears as it was my first D1 team :worried:


Atlas and the elimination it produces happened luna and under our maps unbalanced engagement and a unviable core objective that fails to support long term conflict that list of teams was born and it is the result of our mechanics producing elimination!

And yes some team loss is natural this is not a few teams disappearing and others rising up and replacing them …. No for the most part they just disappear or were ground into dust and put up on team wiki pages proudly announcing their extermination and that just glorifies elimination!

But we can now see clearly that team progression is a real metric and it kills player retention when the teams can’t progress or rebuild effectively?

Regardless of what is common in other dead and dying tactical games ….the ones that are still up and running years later do not use ordinal ranking or what we call league placement and they sure as h3ll don’t use a pathetic defensive objective! :rofl:

Ordinal ranking and the way our leagues are organized is not a viable motivator when the goal is to defend…

And the result is teams find that climbing ranks is not only pointless it’s detrimental to progress!
And what do we see …? yes we see teams using war to fall in rank and drop themselves down leagues under this childish ordinal ranking system that’s commonly used in short term tactical games to drive engagement!

Is this a short term game!?

Sorry it doesn’t pay to fight to the top it pays to stay at the bottom and defend and utilize unbalanced engagement! :man_facepalming::boom:
Ordinal ranking needs a offensive objective to drive engagement and encourage teams to climb ranks but when the d@m objective is defense your rewarding teams to not climb ranks….:man_shrugging:
Do you see how a defensive objective and ordinal ranking are fighting themselves!?

Oh and let’s not even talk about scaled ordinal ranking which is where each league has a set number of teams like diamond because that’s just completely insane to think you can limit a league to X amount of teams and expect team growth and movement….

Basically when you only reward defending and not attacking the result is either stagnation or elimination….

Since pg doesn’t allow stagnation for very long they have no choice but to promote conflict which ends in elimination because you can’t rebuild teams here and we have no player retention at mid game due to pay to compete mechanics and a poorly designed map that does not allow for team movement & progression or regrouping!


I feel that a lot of people picked up War Dragons during the pandemic lockdown and now that things are slowly trying to get back to normal, no one has time to log on. Or at least that’s what happened to my old team, Arvidia. :smiling_face_with_tear: Others disbanded over atlas politics and a lot of people of experiencing player burnout.


once u get bored trust me you won’t Miss this game not only this game but you know pg has more ways to make this more boring

when i was new i used to play 12+ hrs then i got bored in orange tier because its was ridiculous to compete and you get crushed by big players constantly. so i left game for like 1 year plus . i had been playing other strategy game . later i thought of giving 1 more chance to this game. nonetheless my activities has drop a lot not because of real life because of game has become boring , continuous non ending cycle.



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