Leftover Sigil Gifting

So it’s end of the season and I have 90 Withermoon Sigils left and nothing really useful left to spend them on. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a gifting option? Send them to team members?

It would be nice, but it would be exploitable unfortunately


And there is no money in it for PG

Answer will be no because u can abuse it

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Only within team, only to give less than 100 sigils, only in time window from end of last event to beginning of new season. Got to be workable!

Sounds like a lot of coding effort for something like $0.30 worth of sigils four times a year, to be honest. I think there are quite a few other things I’d like to see them work on first.


Some more Bronze for extra 25 sigils :smiley:
There are some claimable 100 sigils…

I was so excited, I was able to use all of my sigils so I was set to finish the season with a 0 balance. Then, last night I opened a free bronze chest and got 25 sigils. :face_with_head_bandage:


Oh yes, I know that feeling. :joy:

I just opened a few bronze to claim my last prize. Fingers crossed for no more sigil drops in free chests today…

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I have 55 sigils left over. I asked support if I could trade them for 1 bronze chest lol. They said no :pensive:


Wow… They’re missing out on a great deal!

If I was support I would’ve taken one of your bronze chests away as a fine for time wasting :joy:


They can have the free one :rofl:

Can we put this time and effort into getting moto 6 users back in game instead?


It would be nice to have something to use the left over sigils on, rather than having them go to waste

Unless you are PG and then any RSS you can dump into a black hole is a net gain for them.

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