Leftover sigils advice needed

Hi guys, need some advice about where to put my precious leftover sigils. Usually, I just throw leftovers at the base boost but this is the first I’ve a decent amount of sigils left (but not enough to finish another line). Thanks in advance!

Acct 1: Lvl 108, No Atlas, F2P
Dreth line completed, 11720 sigils leftover

Acct 2: lvl 85, Atlas (first season), F2P
Dreth line completed, 11390 sigils leftover

Aside from Dreth, forum consensus seems to be the other dragons are meh. Is it worthwhile to get 1/3 of the way through a rider line? Is Ano better than Leilani if I’m in a league where defending doesn’t reeeaaally matter? Or should I just go for the Firefin since if it’s gonna be a meh dragon it might as well be a fun one?

I would get red egg for firefin and throw the rest into base boost


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Focus on resources, those matter more than dragons. Which lines give you the things you need to progress?


At your level, you could use either rider or dragon. My preference is you can’t go wrong with a rider…they are always useful. Once you run out of evolve stones, the drag is only dusted off for Temple Raid. Riders can have new drags…know what I mean?

Personally I like chel, I think he would be useful for whatever tier you end up leaving him at for assualt event, and guardians. I finished his line.
If you do want to go for a rider, I’d recommend an offense rider. You really want to finish it if your going for a defense rider.

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For straight timers the base boost gives the most but if you want gold chests to set yourself up better for next season then a rider would give more chests.

Actually the rider and the base boost give the same net timers, after you open the gold chests.

edit: assuming the numbers are the same as summer season

They are I was meaning straight timers. You might get about the same with gold chests but I didnt run the average of timers in gold chests to know the exact numbers. I personally went with the rider line anyway.

Makes sense. If opened in fort the math is pretty easy because one chest averages pretty much exactly one day.

So after opening the rider is 75 days from line + 150 days from chests, while the base boost has 125 days from line + 100 days from chests.

Base boost still wins on embers though.


With your Atlas account, if you get Ano partway you can still gear him up. For your non-Atlas, no crafting items = no gear = no point unless you think you’ll be moving to an Atlas team in the near future. I have no Atlas on my alts, stopped at Harb on Dreth, managed to get to Harb on Firefin. Didn’t say any point in going past Harb. Stopping early saved me some sigils, but still needed some sigil chests to get to Harb on Firefin.

Soon enough you will have more riders than you know what to do with, and partially trained riders will just be clutter. You can only get firefin to gold, scorpa or chel to platinum, which isn’t much since you’re in gold and platinum now. I would find base boost very appealing, but you could also just get a dragon and enjoy it for a bit and then you’ll have it for events like temple raid and assault. Also, defense always matters!

badgerwar’s sigil spender sheet will show you exactly what you get and what you get along the way in other prizes if you want to delve in more.

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:triumph: Red is not good…
Get to gold / plat, letting Puffy to be useful for assault


This was my experience until temple raid. Now I have riders for those dragons :grin:

I seriously need to up my rider game for my temple dragons…I hadn’t thought of doing that…seriously.

Old gear too

Thanks for all the replies! I ended up redeeming to the 24 gold chests prize in Ano’s line, then spent the rest of the sigils+one set of super sigil chest pull on a split between the egg token and the base boost branch. Based on some rough calcs the first few prizes on both the latter would be more beneficial in terms of resources than going down the very expensive 2nd page of the rider.

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