Legendary Ammo Glyph last enhance buggy

We just get the newest glyph “Legendary Ammo” The interesting part is that leveling it from lvl 3 to lvl 4 (max) give absolutely nothing :smiley:

Lvl 3 bonus: 1 ammo + 3.9% rage
Lvl 4 bonus: 1 ammo + 3.9% rage

Sooo I’ll spare my 150k dust :smiley:

You might want to try this button :mag:


Yeah but this doesn’t make any sense… It makes pointless enhancing it to max lvl

That’s the way it’s been. The other way they could’ve done it would be to just not add the +1 ammo until expert, so :speak_no_evil:

Can’t really call it an ammo rune if it doesn’t add any ammo…:rofl:

It’s even funnier for the mythic rune…

Yeah mythic I feel should only go to +2 at expert

…look at the expert level, no bonus to leveling was my point. You gotta pay extra for that green fairy to fly behind you. :rofl:

It is. Mythic is +2

I mean i should only get to +2 at expert, not at level 4

no no don’t be salty here. its bad for gaming community ! We will be bashed with requirement of 1.8M extra dust, maybe 2M + .
You and I don’t have it anyway. why inflict damage upon others :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


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