Legendary Ammo Glyph Suggestion

Hi all
The question is, on which of these 3 dragons should I equip this glyph above?
Here are 3 photos with dragons and their runes. I was thinking to put it om Necryx and replace his Epic Cloack Glyph. Thx u all
EDIT. Should i replace the Legendary Rage on Avyx with 1 Legendary Healing Mark?

Will you be able to get Fomhar to a usable level?

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I havent him.

Of the 3, Aibrean is the only one worth putting it on. Nec is a utility dragon and doesn’t need the shots. Avyx has a damage amplifyer spell, but it’s not as good as Aibrean’s. Plus avyx can cloak and hide to rebuild ammo whereas Aibrean has definite moments of vulnerability where he could use extra ammo to deal with towers.


Insted of what? The rare rage glyph?
On which of your dragon do u put it?

Yes, replace the rare rage.

It might be worth waiting for the new season to see if there are candidates worthy of the rune then, but it’s up to you.


Well, maybe ill wait next season…unfortunately im impatient XD

Necryx is easiest to fly from this list,but he will be capped at Obsidian
Airbean is very cool,but I literally can’t fly him with defenders and don’t use to fly without cloak(but it’s personal opinion)
Which one you prefer
And which one you are flying better?
And which dragons tier are you at now?

Waiting won’t hurt and you might regret not saving it for a newer dragon :blush: Unless you have money to burn, this game is a lot more enjoyable if you take the long view and have a little bit more patience.

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I would honestly save it.

Necryx definitely doesn’t need it because you can disable and shield
Avyx i haven’t run into an issue that his normal shots couldn’t handle, i don’t lead with him only clean so it’s typically pretty simple
Aibrean i haven’t gotten to a high enough level yet.

understood , I’ll wait for the next season :slight_smile:
Anyway, should I replace the “legendary rage” on Avyx with a “legendary healing mark”?

Nah i’d leave him. No use wasting a legendary rage rune by trashing it. Save HM for another hunter


You should know what your dragons lack of since you are the one flying them directly, shouldnt you?
but if I have to pick, Aibrean would be best. His chaos would make 1 bullet become 2 or 3 and Aibrean has no problem in rage anyway

Sorry to hack your thread mate. Thoughts on below runes.

I would definitely save it.

As others pointed out, Necryx is a great setup dragon but no damage amplification to really use the extra ammo.

Aibrean and Avyx IMO are better when the mages have been cleaned out and are clean up dragons. Aibrean especially is tough with defenders. Avyx is OK.

I put mine on Fomhar, but if you aren’t getting him I would save it.


Another question pls.
Im thinking to equip Nollaig like this:
Epic / Legendary / Mythic Winter’s Bite runes
Epic and Legendary Rage ( both with Fireball Dmg)
What do u think about it? Thx u guyz
@Lutrus @mechengg @TheRedDelilah @others

I have zero experience with Nollaig so I am not going to submit an opinion sorry. I don’t know how rage hungry he is vs other dragons (noctua), where you are in breeding, or if you are actually aiming for good dragons like Noctua that you should be saving your good rage runes for.


Well, this event i will breed my 1st Garnet so im far away from Obsidian.
Im full of rage runes ( 3/4 legendary and 4/5 epics normal + 2/3 legendary and 4/5 epics glyps + a lot of rare and others rune that have rage as 2nd boost).

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