Legendary Ammo Glyph

The ultra rare “Ammo Glyph” in the Team Achievement. Interesting.


oooooo :D!!

PG has really stepped up their game with the runes/glyph payouts.

Good for PG.


I hope my team can get it :crossed_fingers: :cold_sweat: With Fomhar’s ammo increase glyph and now this, PG’s steppin it up. Finally.

FIFY :grin:

It’s super easy to get. As a part of the leadership team just tell the team that the minimum achievement they need to hit for this new event is the 15k mark :grin::grin:

But seriously this is awesome.

I’m also about 8.5/10 convinced that this is simply a big marketing ploy to make sure that lots of teams have higher than typical participation so that PG can get “numbers” to prove that the event was a success and keep building on it/tweaking :+1:


Haha for my gold team it’s unusual to even have 40 people get off of 0 points, afraid I won’t be able to get this awesome glyph. Just hoping it will come back in other events later on…


I hope it will be the version that boosts rage generation as a secondary attribute.

how many ammunition does it add? 1 at expert ??

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Probably 1 at 1-2. Not sure though, it’s been a very very long time since ammo runes have been on the market

one at all levels

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according to Amoeba website

+1 ammo at all levels, secondary effects of rage (+3.9% at expert), cloak (+0.52s at expert), or wisdom (+5.9% at expert). This is a new one, though, so maybe it’ll do something different.

wow, so + 4/5 ammo ?! On whom you would equip it, Avyx Necryx or Aibrean ?!

No. +1 is the stat you get at any level

+1 at level 1
+0 for each level up

so its add just +1ammo :frowning:

Yes “just” 1 ammo

+1 ammo is pretty awesome


+1 ammo and +50% ammo generation speed <~ this is what I expect it to do at least

Would you also like +100% health and a 0 rage white 5 tower death gaze spell to go with that?